Sold Serbian spies and their criminals are busy with me instead to be busy with Haradinaj and Pacolli

In the beginning of January, former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj was arrested in France (Basel and Saint-Louis airport) on a Serbian warrant related to the war crimes during the 1998-99 conflict in Kosovo. He was a guerrilla commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, before and during the war. Guerrilla shot cops and soldiers, and exported heroin to Switzerland to buy weapons. If I shoot cops and soldiers in Denmark, they will charge me for terrorism, but when Albanians shot Serbs, they got help from the EU/USA. The Serbian war crimes prosecution was investigating Haradinaj in three cases, accusing him of the killing of at least 60 people. The court in the city of Colmar ruled on January 12 that Haradinaj can remain under judicial supervision on bail while his case is being considered. Behgjet Isa Pacolli paid money to take Ramush out of the prison. Pacolli is the richest Albanian (it means he was also behind the export of heroin to Switzerland and arms trade), he is the CEO of Mabetex Group, a Swiss-based construction company. He is also financing Kosovo lobbying or better said corruption in the USA and Europe. He created and political party in Kosovo, he was president of Kosovo one week, in 2006 he declared property worth €420 million.

The point is that Pacolli and Ramush are one of the main enemies of Serbia in the sense of territory (losing Kosovo), and Serbian secret services don’t do anything against them. If the court of France set Ramush free, if they refuse to deport him to Serbia, Serbian military intelligence should send a soldier (and not sissy criminals) to shoot him, with the excuse that judicial and police system is not functional in the case of terrorist Ramush Haradinaj. They should also sabotage the business of Pacolli. Considering he didn’t kill people, there is no reason to shoot him, the sabotage of his business is enough. I am against using criminal actions of secret service against ordinary people who are against the government, ordinary Albanians should not be shot even if they hate Serbia, but in this case, it is proven terrorist who already killed people and separated territory of Serbia, in such case, spies should have the right to act in criminal way, the same as Israel and Americans kill their enemies without a court process. Americans use drones and soldiers, not criminals, Serbia should not use sissy criminals who also shoot our citizens, they should use soldiers. Pacolli didn’t kill people as Ramush did, but he is a rich man contributing to separation of Serbia (international lobbying/corruption) and as such, he is a legitimate target of the secret service. Americans create (give arms to) terrorists and kill them without a court process, they use them to make a profit from the war, Serbia has the problem with real terrorists who are not created by Serbia, and they separated territory. I didn’t separate Denmark, I didn’t kill people, but Danish Nazi spies do a lot of shit to me, they even poisoned me many times, with the knowledge of politicians and Oversight of Intelligence.
The problem with Serbia is that politicians took the money from the EU/USA and they control the secret service. The comic thing is that Serbian spies are busy helping to Danish Nazis against me, instead to be busy with Ramush and Pacolli. Because of such morons in politics and in Serbian civilian and military secret service, who sell themselves for money and steal money from the budget … Serbia lost Kosovo.

And while Serbian spies use Serbian sold souls (criminals) in Copenhagen to help to Danish Nazi spies against me, the CIA monkeys (led by Phebe Novakovic) use Danish spies to collect information about Serbs and arrest them, i.e. to overtake their import of cocaine from Latin America to Europe. Every time Serbs from Amsterdam visited Copenhagen, Serbian criminals and sissy angels in Copenhagen jumped to inform Danish Nazi spies about it. Then Danish Nazi spies informed the CIA spies and they observe them in other countries too. The result is that Serbs lost 2000kg cocaine in Peru and 717kg cocaine in Hamburg. Of course, Danish, Serbian and CIA spies play dirty games and they can use criminals against me, for example, they can bring Serbian criminals from other country, to try to save the ass of Danish spies if something happens to me. But it is their illusion, even if somebody from Spain comes, Finn Borch Andersen will lose his job because Danish spies gave my emails to sissy angels and other criminals, to use them against me secretly, officially “to sabotage my potential connection with them”. Politicians are informed, so, Nazi spies can’t use criminals against me secretly. First they tried to produce conflict on the basis of women, second, on the basis of my emails. But the truth is that criminals sell each others, as I said, every time somebody came from Amsterdam, Serbs and sissy angels informed Danish spies and they informed Americans, therefore, Americans can follow people and confiscate drugs. It is the same when Serbian criminals travel to Montenegro, criminals inform spies, Serbian spies inform Montenegrin spies and then they observe criminals who come to Montenegro. But in the case of Denmark, Serbian and Danish criminals helped to Danish and CIA spies to arrest people and size drugs. It is done by the CIA to overtake their business, Phebe Novakovic doesn’t care to stop drug business. On the other side, spies can use criminals against me. They try to double their benefits from activities against criminals.

The only solution for Serbs is to solve the problem in America: Phebe Novakovic use the CIA against them; and they must solve the problem in Denmark: Serbs and Danish criminals (including 2 sister bitches) that gave information to Danish spies, they helped to the CIA through Danish spies. If 2 bitches die, there is also possibility that chief of Danish spies lose his job, his intention was to use bitches to use criminals against me. If bitches get shot, he will lose his job. In that way, Serbs from Amsterdam can make revenge against Danish spies who sold them to the CIA. Even better for them, they don’t need to do it personally, they can use me to do it. Spies use dirty tricks, criminals must do the same, in other case … they will lose money and drugs and they will be arrested.

Packages of cocaine are on display at the customs office in Hamburg, Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. A container carrying 717 kilograms was seized on Jan. 18 after it was found in a shipping container from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. The head of the Hamburg customs investigation office, Rene Matschke, said that an international gang was behind the cocaine shipment and that there was a hostage-taking linked to the drugs in the Netherlands on Monday. Matschke knows if the CIA is behind this action. He is the left man on the photo, his working address is Sieker Landstraße 13, Hamburg.

In this video is visible the custom director Schrader Michael, Rahewinkel 35, Hamburg, Norbert Drude (President of the Customs Criminal Office), etc.