Serbian comments about Denmark

There was an article about Denmark by Croatian woman who was living in Copenhagen several years and here are the comments of Serbs. She wrote about neighbors, work environment, kindergartens, paying for food when people invite you to the party, etc. Several Serbs living in Sweden also said that Swedes are better than the Danes.

Danes are among people who use the most anti-depression meds, it is confusing me that they are the most happy nation in some polls.

Totally inhuman way of life. There are plenty of good elements, but it is generally morbid.

The most depressive people I’ve met. Their life looks like Orwell 1984.

In most cases, Danes are not happy, they look more like selfish robots and they accept their life easier because of their pedagogy and social care, although social care became worse in the last 10 years. There are many depressive people because they can’t accept such world.

They are without feelings and they care only about themselves, and they don’t know for shame, I would not live like that even if they pay me.

Danes, congratulations, but it is not life … more like robots … Maybe we here in the Balkans have financially hard life, sometimes we hate or love each others, and every 50-year we make war, but again this here is the life.

And they are happy ???? I am absolutely disagreed.

Bring them for a moment to Serbia to see what life is…

I was there 2 years and their life is totally programmed, like robots, the food is artificial, the whole life you work, work, and when you become old, you must relocate because of the small pension. I don’t like Denmark, Austria is better.

I understood that they are egoists. They do not buy snacks to children but they have money? They invite you to the lunch and charge you for ingredients? They should stay away from me.

Danes believe that children from an early age should be raised to be individuals.” This is my dear not called individuals than egoists! I live in Norway and claim that there is no nation selfish, rude and in all intemperate as Scandinavians! I agree only that children do not need to keep under a glass bell, but here it goes to the extreme because they are all obsessed with themselves! The only thing that’s wrong with us in comparison to them – the tolerance.