Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen use spies and cops to bully immigrants and produce an attack, they got money from the CIA and Ane Maersk Uggla

Tuesday evening and this Wednesday morning, Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen used spies and cops (AP 15 125) to bully immigrants and produce an attack.

Tuesday evening spies watched how much money I take from bottles and today they send again racist idiot from the picture below. They sent him 3 pm to Solbjerg Plads to watch in trash cans, to help to security to work against immigrants, he was not there really to take bottles 3pm then to irritate me and to make a racist job for security. They sent him again 7pm. Workers also lock classrooms 6-7pm, to kiss Flemming Dreier in the ass, they lock everything, not only those reserved for exams, in Dalgas Have they sent students to sit inside after exams, to prevent me to take bottles. It is visible that racists organize themselves. The aim is to provoke immigrants to attack Danes and to push immigrants to stay without money, to manufacture criminality and arrests, to make racist propaganda in the media.

It is interesting when I use a proxy, I can visit my blog, when I use the normal Internet, the server is not found, it means, network admins blocked my blog for the CBS network, or somebody was dossing (brute-forcing) my blog from the CBS and my server recognized CBS IP address as hacker’s one and blocked IP. Now I must check if my server blocked IP of CBS. Oh, now it is working after several minutes.

The CIA and Lockheed Martin started to target even American politicians: Rep. Steve Scalise shot in attack at Virginia baseball field during a Congressional baseball practice. The attacker is a white man, he shot 50-100 bullets. No comment, just to say: one snake against another.

Beside it, the CIA and British spies made somebody hot to burn the building in London, the fire came from the second floor to the 24th floor in 20 minutes. Until now they registered that 12 people died. I believe that material of this building was not good, if I get the fire in my flat, 20 minutes is necessary just to burn my flat, it is very strange that the fire came so many floors so fast, one minute per floor. In the time of socialism, the building next to mine, had 8 floors and metal stairs on the outside wall, so, in the case of fire, people can escape. But in so big building in London, it is strange nobody was using the computer or listening radio and reading books 1am, all people were sleeping and nobody noticed the fire.

1) the material was shit, build cheap and sell expensive to make a bigger profit, that’s capitalism, some people say there were gas installations in the halls and people were afraid to evacuate.
2) so many people and nobody noticed the fire, even taxi on the street didn’t see anything
3) the fire brigade was shit, they didn’t come near to the building to catch people who jumped from the 10th floor, one man succeeded to catch the baby that was thrown from the 10th floor, they didn’t use a helicopter with the metal wire/rope so people can catch it from the windows, and so on. At least they could put around the building something with the air, so, people can jump down.

But the biggest problem was the material of the building, who knows if they had concrete or wood stairs. All those people are victims of capitalism, of people greedy for profit, is it the CIA and spies or construction company, it doesn’t matter, dead are dead in any case.

What to say, if you live in capitalism, buy gas mask for each member of your family, people lose consciousness because of smoke, after that the fire burns them. One gas mask per member of the family and metal rope is something people should have in their home. If they believe in the fire brigade and construction company, they will die. But west Europeans are consumers, even if they fart, they need help, even metal rope would not help them, they need a crane to move their ass.

Victims of the British colonial politics are happy today.