Esma Redžepova died, Danish Nazi spies stopped castration on Friday

For the new year eve, Belgrade always organize free concerts on public squares, every year, minimum 10 000 Slovenians are coming to Belgrade for that night although Italian cities like Milano are much nearer to Slovenia. Much richer than Belgrade, Copenhagen doesn’t have any free public concerts for the new year eve, CPH city council is capitalist shit.

Esma Redžepova-Teodosievska, Queen of the Romani music (Indira Gandhi gave her this nickname), from Macedonia died on Sunday at the age of 73, she was well-known in old Yugoslavia, she sang in front of many presidents like Tito, Qaddafi and others. Yugoslavia was part of the Non-Aligned Movement and the Yugoslav artistic scene was subject to many international influences. The link that Tito created with Nehru and India was very important for Yugoslav Gypsies because their culture and history was publicly enhanced. In 1962, she was the first Yugoslav artist to perform at the Olympia in Paris. Before her career, her future husband sent her to Belgrade to study 2 years Music Academy. After that they stayed in Belgrade because show business in Skopje was more skeptic for including Roma in TV shows. After separation of Yugoslavia she returned to Macedonia and worked more with other artists. Beside good voice and beautiful face, she was a woman with a big heart, she fostered 47 abandoned children and she got 120 grandchildren (she raised 5 of them under her roof and ensured a home and education for the others), she has recorded and released more than 580 songs, she had 20 000 concerts in 30 countries and participated in 2000 humanitarian concerts. Ask Justin Bieber to make so many free concerts and he will tell you: “you are crazy”. That’s the difference between artists in socialism and capitalism, when I was young, in socialism, it was normal to do something for other people without to profit from that. We were not consumers who are crazy for money and products, but now, all ex-Yugo countries are capitalism already 25 years, people are changed and new kids grew up in capitalism. Even in the case she didn’t read books from Karl Marx, she was bigger socialist than many doctors of science who know the whole history of socialism. If good people as she was become politicians, society would benefit very much.

This morning homosexual Thomas Ahrenkiel continued to send his homosexual spies to follow me, in the nature, 5 of them. Sunday I was followed by Asian homosexual spies who sell their country to Americans. It looks that Danish Nazi spies use Ukrainians to make confusion for me that they are Russians or they can use Russians who got political asylum from Nazis, 3rd option is that the FSB in Copenhagen (together with Chinese) lost money from drugs and they make revenge against me together with Danish Nazi spies and their sissy criminals. But it doesn’t matter so much, Russia has many Russians to protect their country, it doesn’t matter if Nazis lose time to make confusion for me. I am not a big protector of Russia and Russia doesn’t depends from me 🙂 Western Nazis are lunatics and they give to me very big importance, to justify their racism against immigrants (harassment) and to get an excuse to create terrorist case i.e. militarization of society.

Beside it, If I say that ambassador and his FSB spies in CPH are shitty traitors who invested money in the drug business, I don’t say that all Russians are like that. Many Russians are true patriots, especially GRU, they never had anything with drugs, they never worked with/for Nazis and the CIA and they are always ready to help to Serbs. Serbian ambassador and his officer for security in Copenhagen are also traitors, they help to Nazis (who bombed Serbia and separated Kosovo) against our citizens, but it doesn’t mean that all Serbs are traitors, there are many good Serbs in Serbia who will never work for Americans/Danes against our citizens, for any money in this world. As I said, to justify racism, and creating a terrorist case and militarization of society, Nazis gave to me too big importance. That’s what the CIA also does in America, they catch themselves for poor people and turn them to hate America, to attack, after that, the CIA sells military equipment to the cops, they militarize America i.e. they profit. These days, the CIA monkeys and their corrupted servants in Germany and Britain continue to produce terrorist cases.

Considering my health, it looks that Nazi spies stopped to use chemical castration from Friday when I sent emails to deputies, I sleep again normal (max 8 hours), it means they don’t use drugs anymore, on Sunday my eggs got normal size, the last week it was 5 times smaller and I had to use fingers to find my eggs, eggs were very small and going inside of my body. I have still pain in eggs from time to time the same as the last week. This morning my penis was 70% functional and it is becoming small very fast again, I had to try it. Still my penis is not functional 30%, I have pain in eggs from time to time and it is question if the quality of sperm is the same as before. But it is repairing just 3 days from Friday, after one week, it will be better, they used chemical castration 2 months, every day they had to put pills in my drinks, castration is not done with one pill. Therefore, they sent spies to sit beside classrooms every day, to get access to my food and drinks when I go out. It means also they used different spies, it is not only one that participated in chemical castration, but many different spies many times. They have many Nazi spies, not only one. There was very old woman sitting beside classroom in Dalgas Have. She used Tablet (device) many hours, every day. Possibly she is one of spies who are Nazis.