Distortion Festival Copenhagen, 31st May 2017

Wednesday 31st May I visited first day of Distortion festival, Norrebro. I came 7:30pm, many people were already drunk, mostly young women who don’t need to drink very much to get drunk, it was daily atmosphere, the night comes after 10pm when the Fest was finished. Techno is not my music than punk, rock, and even classic guitar is good, but without sound of a guitar, the music is not so good for me. Beside my city, when I was young, we had a village full of hippies and they came to the park in my city to sit, drink, play guitar, every day, so, I grew up beside hard rock, garage rock, punk, metal, hardcore. Rap and Techno came later and I never liked techno, it sounds like pc games or pinball. Of course, there are some good songs, instrumental, but before Prodigy that pushed up techno to become more popular all over the world, techno was comic music.

Considering it was techno, the best (techno) music was on the stage in Kapelvej/Norrebrogade, DJ looked older but he made the best music. The crowd there was not too much young and had normal behavior, happy, drunk and jumping, dancing, without to do shit around. Nobody was pissing on the pavement or on residential buildings, as it was the case in Norrebrogade and Faelledvej. Girls pissing on the pavement with naked pussy, I think one man tried to record her with a phone so she got a lecture, 5 men pissing in the same time on the gate of residents, and similar behavior was visible in Faelledvej… and DJ was on the high stage and the girl dancing there was with short cloths, so, the men used their chance to record her ass from below with their phones. She will be popular on Facebook. Of course, such situation was arranged by those who wanted to keep the crowd beside their DJ/stage, possibly the girl got money. Sankt Hans Torv (square) was also overcrowded with teens and they forced themselves to be more crazy, spoiled brats behavior, they push in the crowd and it was hard to pass by there. In Ahornsgade I saw the bitch from Crisis Mirror group, fake anarchists who work for the police, she is working for the cops and she was standing on the stairs, to see the crowd better. There was a stage also beside Stengade, I saw typical guys and girls who visit techno parties, so, I concluded some of them can be sissy criminals and I was going around to see if the bitch sisters from Rosenorns Alle are there, but I didn’t find them. I was happy to see that sissies are dancing on the parking without asphalt, so, it was dust and dirty dancing. Two men on the stage were also morons, DJ was totally stupid young retard with shitty music like PC games for children, and another men beside him was also retard: smile to the ears like that he was never on the stage before. I watched them 5 minutes and I saw what retards exist in Denmark. At the beginning of Norrebrogade and the bridge, there was good music even it was techno, they brought on the stage and “naked tits woman colored in bronze”, for me it is cliche, but many people were happy, especially Roma from Romania. For me it was funny to see 12 years old girls how much they are excited because they dance on the street, it was funny to see how much they are happy, at least they are young, moron on the stage with smile to the ears was 25 years old. Kids will speak about dancing on the street the whole month. Distortion can become more trendy with the help of “gossip marketing”, spreading stories in the city how much it is coooool to dance on the street 🙂 Then I went back to the best stage in Kapelvej, I think the stage was organized by the Coma Club (Peter Fabers Gade 4-6). They had and party in some hotel after 10pm. In any case, police snitches came beside me while I was in Kapelvej, I was standing also on the stairs and they like to do the same. A snitch always monitor the crowd, he is not interested for DJ and stage, there was and one more 5m away, second hand clothes, hair and beard and pretending he is crazy man who like to dance, but I can recognize a snitch automatically in 5 seconds. When I see their look and behavior, I know if they are snitches, very often they play a role of poor crazy man or woman or they pretend they bag on the street for money, for such bagging, they employ immigrants who are snitches, but sometimes and Danish police woman or man come to ask for money. They discriminate poor people and arrest them, they suck dick of rich criminals.

Comparing with Distortion 2016 in Vesterbro, this year in Norrebro was just 20% garbage on the streets, but there were 10 times more bottle collectors. Although it could happen that spies followed me and they sent their bottle collectors, to prevent that I take bottles, but anywhere I was, every 20 seconds bottle collectors passed beside me looking for bottles. In 2016, I saw bottle collectors one time in 10 minutes. This time, 50% of bottle collectors were victims of Danish racism: Roma from Romania and Africans who are living like homeless in Copenhagen; 20% were Danish citizens (white or Arabic) who come to festivals to make some additional money in their life, 30% are Romanians who come just for festivals to collect bottles, usually they have a car to travel to different cities/festivals and collect bottles, they are not without money but collecting bottles is the only way for them to make money (high level of racism, they don’t have a chance to get a job).

Some of them were surely and snitches who want to prevent immigrants to make money, Flemming Dreier and other secret service Nazi agents are still sending snitches to Amager beach to take bottles and prevent Africans and Romanians to take it. The same snitch who come to the CBS to take bottles, he is going to Amager beach to do it also, and he was also sitting in Rosenorns Alle before 2-3 nights when I was there. Military spies provoked me and I came back with my bike, so, they positioned spies around Rosenorns Alle, they sent also the police patrol in Jagtvej. They manufacture the criminal case against immigrants, it is visible in my case.

In any case, as I wrote long time ago, racist PET and police agents push immigrants to become criminals, to spy them and arrest them, but for stealing they will not keep them 20 years in the prison, they just push them to become criminals to make propaganda against immigrants and kiss Rasmussen in the ass i.e. convince society that Rasmussen is good guy when he makes fascist repression against immigrants. That’s political police. They manufacture criminality for propaganda purposes. And to do it, they had to put money in the ass of members of the oversight of intelligence, in other case, they would lose their job for misusing their job for racist purposes. Pernille got one year emails from me with warning they will close Stengade and snitches make shit around, harass neighbors, with the aim to close the place, in July 2016, after 10 years helping to immigrants, they closed the place and now only Danes can get help there. But to close the place, they sent snitches one year to piss and shit around, to be loud 6 am when people sleep, to make a lot of different problems, to be able to close the place. And Pernille was warned about it 20 times in one year. She never wanted to stop them because she took the money from them. So much about fake leftists who use leftist rhetoric just to get voters, in reality, they help to racists to damage the health of immigrants and even to produce criminality among immigrant population with the aim of making racist propaganda, to convince society to give a vote for fascist Rasmussen. Pernille knows very well, they are not damaging only my life, they damage the crowd of immigrants, just because I wrote emails to the politicians and media, Nazi spies pretend they make problems only to me, “they are not fighting immigration, they don’t behave like a political party”. Yes, they do, they fight immigration and they manufacture criminality and terrorism, they also create the consent of society for the politics of the government (media propaganda).

I should remind readers of this blog: Maersk own a big portion of the Coop company and the Coop owns several food store chains, Maersk and other owners of the Coop profit very much from Festivals, many cans from beer are smashed and never returned to the food stores, they profit from the sale of beer, but they profit also from the pant system (selling cans). Each can cost 1.5 dkk, that’s 0.2 Eur, 100 000 people visit Distortion and all of them drink at least 5 beers, that’s 500 000 beers x 0.2 Eur = 100 000 Eur, only from cans. If 20% of cans get smashed during the festival and finish like the garbage, the Coop company profits 20 000 Eur. Therefore, they always profit from this pant system, people never turn back 100% of cans and bottles, they have food stores all over the country, they sell every day 100 000 beer, Danes drink very much, and they sell even more during festivals. The pant system is good for billionaires, therefore, it will never be abolished, and consequently, more and more people from poor countries will come to Denmark. If the Romanian find a job in Romania, he will get 300 eur monthly salary, and he will spend it for living expenses, if they come to Copenhagen, they can eat and sleep for free and collect bottles, it brings them minimum 600 eur monthly without living expenses + festivals. Danish homeless get places for homeless overcrowded with people who are not really homeless, then, racist PET and police send snitches who also pretend they are homeless, in Stengade they accepted 25 people every night and 15 were snitches sent by the cops, then they send their snitches even to take bottles from immigrants as they do on Amager beach, then without money, immigrants start to steal and break houses, etc. Racist secret service and cops get racist orgasm when they keep immigrants to sleep outside and without money, when they put them in the prison and make propaganda against immigrants, to convince society to vote for Rasmussen and Danish People Party. Spies and their media made racist political parties more popular in the last 10 years. Without criminality, Danish People Party would not have material to spread fear and propaganda against immigrants. They are very happy when immigrants steal, rape and kill, they get racist orgasm. They are sick, just look the face of Geert Wilders, psycho, he gets money from billionaires to make propaganda against immigrants and to widespread racism, to justify economic exploitation and imprisoning of humans with a different color of skin. Crazy moron.