While Russia win in military matters, American colonists win in intelligence matters, Danish Nazi spies continue to poison immigrants, Serbian ruling class sell Serbs

This Sunday morning I saw only 2-3 snitches, but the last evening, Saturday, spies tried to make provocations. In Falkoner Alle they sent a moped without reg plates to pass beside me, and they positioned man and woman to kiss in front of me, they waited beside the traffic light, smallegade/allegade. They wanted to push me to drive toward Pernille home, not to the place I sleep. They continue to manufacture an attack against Pernille.

The main thing Saturday and Friday evening was the pain in my head and eyes, it was near to the stroke. My theory is like this: 3 days I bought food in Lidel in Dirch Passers Allé (ostebolle and croissant with cheese and meat) and each time I had problems after eating that food, I had a small pain in the left and right side of the stomach (liver and pancreas), thyroid and even in my chest (heart). They blocked production of my enzymes and if I eat chocolate or some other food, sugar and cholesterol contribute to the production of a stroke. As doctor asked me, do I have fast or slow pain in my head, in the past I had slow, this Friday and Saturday it was fast, she told me if I have fast pain I can get a stroke. So, it is clear that Danish and CIA spies got information about my health from doctors or from the clinic and now they know how much to poison me to kill me in a natural way. It is 50% the nature and 50% their poisoning. Although I said in the clinic I have pain in my head, they didn’t do anything about it, if there is any prevention from stroke, they could give me some medicaments. In any case, even if they gave me medicaments, the spies would know that and they would do something else. So, in the end, it is the problem about the fake Oversight of intelligence that let spies to poison immigrants. As we saw, Serbian spies killed journalists in the past and just before one week, they killed a man that sent threatening messages about the president. They are not arrested for killing people. Jovan Drobnjaković, who works as the director of operations in the BIA, has the sister Jovanka Petrović who is a director of a mental hospital. So, it is not hard for them to pronounce you mentally ill, send you to a hospital to kill you or get medicaments to kill you. There is no control of BIA in Serbia, the same case as in Denmark.

In Raqqa and Afghanistan, American military spies spread disease, 15 years old kids started to be sick from polio, possibly they grow up during the war and didn’t get a vaccine, now colonial spies misuse it to produce disease. It is done by American military spies. Polio has similar symptoms like stroke, just the person gets paralyzed, muscle is not working, then the person gets coma and one day also lung muscle stop to work and that’s the end. That’s how people die from polio, their muscle stop to work. The spies can infect people even by the air, you can breath the virus and become sick, just I suppose, those who are vaccinated can’t die.

Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić had inauguration on Friday with 5000 people, it is still the main topic, some people glorify this inauguration, some people criticize it, the opposition refused to come, they said, even the stars from reality shows are invited. While Aleksandar enjoyed, one worker in Serbian factory tried to kill himself in the last 2-3 days.The people from SNS party try to say that Serbia is now respected in the world, like in the time of Tito, they said 55 delegations came, but surely not on the same level as delegations for Tito. Tito was visited by presidents, the inauguration was visited by lower level delegations. In any case, Vučić is not the president of the USA, they fly too high in their heads. The most important, in the time of Tito, we were sovereign country and we didn’t have soldiers and spies working for other countries, as they do now in the case of refugees. Serbia exists to make Merkel happy, not to make Serbs happy. That’s the big difference, Tito didn’t subordinate Yugoslavia to the foreign interests and surely he didn’t take the money from Merkel, the present capitalist politics of Serbia cannot be compared with the communist politics, because capitalists sell themselves for money and America likes it. In socialism, you steal the money or you are corrupted, you get arrested, nobody could be rich. And nobody could take the money from Merkel to use military for her interests, such person would be arrested for treason. BIA, VOA, VBA and Serbian politicians are corrupted and they are traitors. They are far away from Tito. Tito refused to extradite 4 members of the Red Army Fraction to Germany with an excuse that Germany refused to extradite Yugo terrorists living in Germany. After 6 months, RAF members were given tickets to fly anywhere they want, and they escaped. That’s a sovereign country, Serbia is far away from that because of corruption, greed for money. Even on my case it was visible that Serbia is not a sovereign country, Serbian spies sucked Danish dick, and they gave them time to poison me. It means the ruling class from different countries collaborate against poor people, to please each others, hoping they will get some money. Serbian ruling class sells Serbs to Denmark, to Merkel, etc, Danish ruling class sell Danes to Americans. Denmark is also not a sovereign country, the same as Serbia. Americans administrate CPR numbers and have all information about all Danish citizens: salaries, debts, what banks they use, diseases, etc. That’s the result of greed for money and Americans give the money.

My opinion is that Aleksandar Vučić is lucky that Russia doesn’t give the importance too much to small Balkan countries, in other case, he would be already dead for helping to NATO against Russia in the case of Montenegro. Russia is not financing politicians in Serbia as Americans do. Vučić and BIA created an international incident for Russia, but Montenegro is not soooo important for Russia. Mirko Velimirović Paja from Kosovo who should bring weapons to Montenegro was working for the BIA and he betrayed the whole action, he informed Montenegro what is happening, surely the BIA traitors told him to do it. It is a shame for the GRU that Paja is still alive, the same as the BIA traitors and Vučić.
Even in Copenhagen, they are not capable to hide anything from the CIA, the CIA already corrupted Chinese and FSB in Copenhagen. I get poisoned, Finn and Findsen make propaganda against Russia, FSB and Chinese make money from drugs, Russian minister of defense get disturbed while in the air, the GRU failed in Montenegro by taking wrong people (the BIA nationalists) to work for them, and so on.
Until now America won in spying matters, Russian military won in Syria, they stopped Americans in separation of Syria, but it is not finished. It is the fact that the Russian military is more effective than the Russian intelligence (FSB and GRU) in the fight against the CIA and American military. Now even openly, FSB and Chinese collaborate in Denmark with those who attack Russia, they misuse my case to kiss Danish colonists in the ass and the GRU sits and watch while their minister get provoked in the air. The war can’t be avoided, Russia must go from defensive in offensive activities. While the CIA can use Japanese, South Koreans, Polish, Romanians, Estonians, etc, whom Russia can use? Chinese spies in Copenhagen sell Russia to America, it is visible in my case. As I said, the Russian military is capable to fight Americans, but Russian spies are not capable to fight the CIA, especially if they make a profit from drugs. But the most visible thing is: the GRU and FSB refuse to kick out from the job the same those who make propaganda against Russia, Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen. It is clear those 2 morons will lose the job if two sister bitches from Rosenorns Alle are dead. So, it is the interest of Russia that 2 bitches are dead, but they refuse to do it. They are clearly working against Russia when they keep those 2 morons in their positions: the head of PET and FE-DDIS. Danish Minister of Defense also makes propaganda, paranoia, against Russia personally one time per week, even Russia was all the time good for them and refused to help to me, despite of such Russian behavior, Danish establishment corrupted by Lockheed Martin continue to work against Russia.

So, the true Russian enemies that corrupted politicians in several EU countries, are in fact Rumsfeld and others who own American military industry. As long as they are alive, there will be the war with Russia. If Russia wants to save Russians, they will have to attack the core of the problem and not to fight with million corrupted spies in Europe who participate in the war against Russia. Poland, Estonia, and many others are minions without leader if the owners of the US military industry die. Those American billionaires are the core, the head of the octopus, the rest are details, small hands of the octopus. Even if I get a stroke, I will be happy if I see that Russia is capable to fight American octopus. Until now, the octopus was winning, at least in intelligence matters. In the end, I am poisoned by spies corrupted by the same octopus, so, I will be happy to see that the octopus died. In the meantime, the bloody circus continues … buy snacks and watch, the main circus producers are Rumsfeld, Kellogg, McCain, and the main circus directors are Prime Ministers, Ministers of defense and the heads of intelligence in Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Britain, France, Germany, the main actors are spies, journalists and even terrorists (they killed the Russian ambassador in Turkey).