While immigrants watch movies, Danish Nazi spies wait for us, to provoke us, to push us to kill, if you are not dangerous, they will make you dangerous

Thursday 22nd June 2017 in the evening, Nazi Danish spies used Lebanese to follow me again, the same as some Africans and Jamaicans (CIA). They followed me in a provocative way, they wanted that I see them. They were there to irritate me, to push me to kill people. Buuuut as I said, without to poison me, they can’t push me to kill random people on the street, because I know that politicians sell themselves for money, 80% of Danes are against the war. Ordinary people are not giving votes for Rasmussen and his colonial politics. His party will face the same destiny as the socialists in France, but he doesn’t give a shot, he took the money from Lockheed Martin and … there was no attack in Denmark already long time, after France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, obviously Denmark is the next in the (CIA) line. They took the money, they must produce terrorist attacks.

Today they sent again spies in the nature in the morning, but not so many as before. Maybe 20 all the way to Frederiksberg. Afternoon, they used some Africans and FE-DDIS Nazis, the same as the other days. They provoke me with Africans because they want to make me to look the same as racist colonists who are suspicious if Africans stand on the corner. But it doesn’t matter what they want, the fact is they provoke immigrants to produce attack against the people on the street. It is the historical fact that they are using traitors for colonial politics, the same as Brits and French used Africans against Africans, Afghani against Afghani, that’s the basis of colonial politics: divide and rule. In other case, they would not succeed to enslave Africa and Asia. Traitors play a bog role in the war. They rule with money, corruption, not with bombs and rockets, only if divide and rule fail, they use bombs. Many Africans got permission from Danish Nazis to stay in Denmark by accepting to work as spies, the same as Kurds, Uyghurs and even Serbs. All those traitors who got political asylum, they would be deported if they didn’t accept to work as spies. Therefore, I will record their faces and send pictures to their embassies, the same as I sent pictures of Lebanese in the past to Hezbollah. When Lebanese traitors visit their families, they work for the Danish secret service, and for the CIA. Therefore, they will be observed when they visit Lebanon, if they turn the people against the government, against Iran, etc. They can do a lot of jobs for the CIA. I will remind Lebanese embassy or Hezbollah to collect information about all Lebanese working in G4S and similar companies. All of them are spies and traitors.

Now visitors of my Blog can see, Danish Nazis don’t use Lebanese and Africans to spy terrorists, they use them to provoke immigrants, to manufacture terrorism, to manufacture profit. Secret service inside of capitalism is sick, deviant, they organize attacks against their own people, they are crazy for money the same as criminals.

Oh yes, today the CIA monkeys used and Indians to follow me, and in Dalgas Have I found bottles only in one seminar room, the whole building was totally without bottles, it means Flemming Dreier was active in keeping immigrants poor with the aim to produce criminality and propaganda about monster immigrants coming to Denmark to steal, kill, rape, etc. Everything is about propaganda, racism and profit. They count if I stay without money, I will steal from students.
In any case, while they waited for me to provoke me and to produce the attack, I was watching 5 movies today and the last evening. It is also very important, the whole Denmark should know that immigrants sit beside computers the whole day and we don’t do anything dangerous than spies provoke us to make us dangerous. That’s the best proof of manufacturing criminality and terrorism, and that’s the main reason Danes would be angry on spies if I kill anyone. It is clear they push immigrants to attack Danes.