Where is money, there are Poulsen, Claus and Rasmussen, they are bribed by riches to widespread racism and impose totalitarian state

Friday night and today in the morning, spies sent their snitches to disturb me in the traffic with cars and bikes.
This Saturday they misused cops to wait for me after the lunch, they know which streets I use, so, they positioned moto and vehicle cops. As I said, they kiss Maersk in the ass together with Lars Johan Findsen. At the CBS, they still use Hitler Jugend for making propaganda and hate against immigrants, to produce conflict and attack. They even sent 3 Nazi students to sit in the same classroom as me. Of course, after some time, I changed classroom. Again they pretend they want to kick me out from DK but in fact, they produce attack at the university, they know there are 100 Uni buildings and libraries, they would need 100 years to kick me out from all these buildings, so, they hide manufacturing attack against students by making disinformation about kicking me out of DK.

Friday evening I got a problem with my health, they used the same poison they used in 2012, I got pain in my kidneys, head, etc. I took food that stayed after seminars in Dalgas Have. They try to produce stroke or heart attack.

In any case, yesterday and today, they tried to damage my body by disturbing me in the traffic (2015 they broke my finger) and they tried to misuse the cops to kiss rich woman in the ass and get money from her. It is comic that the cops follow me and make repression against the whole Norrebro while Danish white Nazi criminals, hells angels, make a party in Copenhagen suburb Taastrup. Their club in Norrebro, Svanevej 5, didn’t see any cop in the last 2 weeks while the cops made repression against immigrants in Norrebro, the only place where cops attack pussy angels, it is Christiania (only cannabis, they don’t touch cocaine (and prostitutes) used by rich Danes).

Dirty Soren pape Poulsen sell himself to the rich people who need racism to justify exploitation of people, he is totally corrupted and should sit in the prison, his party even lobby to lower taxes for the richest Danes. Where is money, there are Poulsen, Claus and Rasmussen, they are ready to manufacture death of Danes to impose totalitarian state.

O yeah, this morning military spies sent even old moron whom I pushed to fall down, he is visible down on the picture, he was in Thorvaldsensvej this morning.