What local residents say about the Distortion, Copenhagen street festival 31 May – 4 June

Hehehe, it is interesting to see what local residents say about Distortion festival that is hold each year 4 days in the beginning of June. I spoke with a friend from Berlin many years ago, I think it was about the gay pride, local residents hate a festival with a million people because of shit so many drunk people do. It is the same with local residents in Copenhagen.
I always asked myself, who got an idea to make the festival during working days instead during weekend when people don’t go to work in the morning? Imagine you must go to work 8 am and there is loud music beside your building until 10 pm + cleaning after that 2 or more hours and many people stay drunk + parties beside some clubs until 5 am. And it is shitty situation for the visitors also, who drinks 4 pm and watch concert? At the distortion, people gather about 6 pm in front of many small stages and 4-5 streets are full. Here is the schedule.

The whole my life, I never saw a concert during the day in Serbia, in the night, the atmosphere is better, festivals during the day are boring, it is more for families with kids, not for drunk people. For example, KST (the club of students of technique in Belgrade) open its doors 10pm and concerts starts at midnight, it is so already 30 years (and the club is there since 1952), all public festivals I visited, the concerts began always when it is dark. If they start 4 pm it would be a shit atmosphere. In any case, this time the Distortion starts 4pm on Wednesday, it will be 20 degrees, sunny, I will go after 6 pm, when people already gathered beside stages. This is translation of the article from Politiken, distortion is sponsored by the CPH municipality and Royal Brewery, first day it is in Norrebro, second day Vesterbro and then 2 days Refshaleøen, Refshalevej 163, but people must pay the ticket for the last 2 days. Friday ticket cost 350 dkk and Saturday 400 dkk (50 Eur). The bars at Distortion do not accept cash, only CC and smart-phone payment. Surely and sissy criminals will come, they don’t have the balls to rob a bank, therefore they sell drugs to the teens and they convince young girls to make money by opening legs in front of a camera (webcam girls). I found the video I made from the Distortion 2016, below is translation of the article:

Desperate residents: Distortion is a sick ideology sponsored by Royal Brewery

It is time to stop Distortion here on Vesterbro. It’s the waste, the waste, the glass cuts, all of it. Distortion started as a small intimate local festival, but now there are hundreds of thousands of outside guests who do not live here. There are music scenes at every 300 meters where you try to topple each other. It’s not the residents who party in the street anymore, there are people from the outside that have come to behave like swines as much as possible.

Some “guests” even make vandalism. Doors for runners and gates are smashed at the residents’ bill. The organizers are given permission again to party on Vesterbro, and residents never get peace or a word introduced. We have a lease in a residential area with apartments from the living room to the 5th floor. The word ‘party zone’ is not mentioned in Vesterbro’s leases/rents. We are not ‘together with the city’ about Distortion. We live here, we sleep here. We have to face the work the next day. We pay our rents and live our lives here.

But every summer we are involuntarily invaded. After the street party in the end of the day, the sweepers (cleaning machines) arrive at 22 and there is 200 decibel sound and rotating flashlight on the roof of machines that lights up our apartments. The sweepers run non stop until noon. 9.00 the next morning, people even stand and throw waste and bottles on purpose in front of the cleaners. It is very reckless and without respect for the heroic communal service. Sweepers are worse than music. They run through residential housing. The sweepers continue even days after the party is over because the Distortion’s guests are some pigs.

The music might be turned off at 22, but people are sitting in the streets where we can hear loud behavior. Bottles are smashed and cans are kicked. Capsules and plastic all kinds, clips from cans, silver paper, pizza bags and so on.

And no, we can not just move. We came first. We are Copenhageners, we pay our taxes to the City of Copenhagen. We also can not go to the job as the buses on Vesterbro are abolished during Distortion and the streets are occupied. Distortion has ‘guests’ from the outside who will not even pay for bracelets for the festival or they hit the rubbish bumps, they have a shameless, unrestrained behavior. All their garbage, glass blemishes, alcohol dusting, urine air, blemishes, sausage and other food disappear only after five thunderstorms.

Why should we have this fest in the city? The carnival was moved to Fælledparken because there was too much garbage on the streets of Copenhagen, but Distortion has since taken over the previous role of the carnival. Distortion is not a party for the locals, on the contrary. It’s the Crazy Daisy segment, kids of curling parents from other cities and the province are coming and they do not care about waste.

The municipality of Copenhagen is sponsor of Distortion, together with Royal Brewery, and the festival looks like a chimpanzee-style pub where vandalism, violence and the like are not called upon and no fines are given by the police. Participants are hanging in the young trees and dangles that the municipality of Copenhagen has planted a few years ago. During the Distortion, beer and alcohol are sold to the young people, where maybe half are under 18 years old.

The day before Distortion, residents will be told to remove our bikes, mopeds, motorcycles and cars if we do not want them to be smashed. Well, we live here! We even paid VAT, VAT and parking fee to the state and the municipality of Copenhagen. We are usually not negative, but the swarm, the noise and the subsequent stench surpasses the yearlong communal service strike in Naples/Italy.