What Lars Findsen and Finn Andersen did and with what activities they justify stealing of money from the budget i.e. from society, Vučić is now written in the history as a traitor

Let’s see what Lars Johan Findsen and Finn B Andersen did and with what activities they justify stealing of money from the budget i.e. from society (with the help of members of the Oversight).

1) Monday afternoon they misused chief of betjente/workers at the CBS to order to the workers to lock classrooms to prevent me to take bottles, as I said, they brought new racist who will misuse his job to kiss spies in the ass and provoke attacks at the university,

2) In the evening, they brought G4S security, although G4S is already 3 days always in the ground-floor when I am going out from classrooms, they are always walking in the same time as me, spies know when I switch off computer and I go out to find bottles, to go to toilet, etc. It is again new racist who misuse betjente and G4S against immigrants, by the order of spies.

3) When I wanted to exchange bottles in Netto, Falkoner Alle, 9pm, machine didn’t work, they behave like kids who burn cats and imagine they did some damage to me if they push me to walk to Rolighedsvej to exchange bottles, Danish spies are morons, they infiltrated Netto with 3 people who work for them, so, they can make propaganda against immigrants and spread racism, but they can also do such stupid things like shutting down machine when I am coming,

4) they sent and police snitches in Falkoner Alle,

5) Later on my way to sleep, G4S and their Lebanese followed me on the streets, they sent and cops/inspectors with cars

6) Although 200 spies were not around in the evening, they also used PET and FE-DDIS fake Muslims to follow me, possibly they pretended they are criminals, they do it to kiss Ane Maersk in the ass, it is the proof of corruption,

7) Tuesday morning, the crowd of FE-DDIS spies, about 5 of them drove motorcycle, they still pretend they are sissy angels, possibly to push me to kill bitches from Rosenorns Alle, again, they do it to kiss Maersk in the ass,

It means they continue to develop my case, I don’t do anything, I watch movies whole days, they wait every day to provoke me and irritate me in order to build the case against me with the aim to provoke murder or terrorism. Murder, to make Ane Maersk Uggla happy, to keep me in the prison. Terrorism, to make the CIA, Rasmussen and Claus happy.

Before 2 days I had also the pain in my head several hours. They continue to produce stroke i.e. they continue to try to kill me.

Sunday evening, I saw my tent was packed different than I left it. It means they opened my tent during the day, they could spray it with some poison, they could also send the cops to pretend they look for drugs in the nature, but in fact they are there to disturb immigrants about sleeping. Many times they stole sleeping bags from Romanians who sleep in Amager Faelled, to prevent them to sleep there or simply to push them to sleep in cold and get sick. Nazis damage health of immigrants, Denmark is always windy and rainy.
In any case, they steal the money from society and the Oversight help them to hide what they do, in other case, people would ask why they misuse money that is allocated to fight terrorism? How much money they spent for their salaries the last 2 days when they used 200 spies about threats they produced? How much money they get from Maersk that I don’t suceed to make revenge? Even cops want money from Maersk, not only Lars Johan Findsen.

Here are registration plates from the last several days: cop AT 21 952, BS 29869, AH 91 276 Enghavevej, BJ 68 389.

Serbian government decided that Serbs in Kosovo should participate in the parliament of Kosovo and help forming of the government. Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić will go into history as a traitor, the next several hundred years, because historians are always extreme nationalists even if they write what happened before 200 years. His public excuse for that is that Serbs can stop forming of Kosovo army if they participate in the gov there, but it is just the excuse. How much Serbian spies misuse their job, it is visible in my case, Danish spies used Serbian spies against me when I sent email to one Muslim country, but when Vučić normalize relations with Kosovo, Serbian spies don’t do anything. Turkey, Bosnia, Kosovo and Arab countries see Vučić as a man who will do what they need. In that case, it is visible how much morons working in the Serbian secret service misuse their job against me. I believe Vučić is correct when he makes better relations with Muslim countries, but he is not correct when he said to Serbs to participate in Kosovo parliament and to help to Haradinaj to form the government. Better relations with Arab countries is good politics, but normalization of relations with Kosovo Albanians is bad politics, it is unofficial recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. In any case, he did it because of Merkel, not because of Erdogan or Arab countries. Vučić took the money from German, French, British and US spies in 2008 and later. Germany and the US demand from Serbia to recognize independent Kosovo. When Germany and the US give money to Serbia, hundred millions of Eur, Serbian spies use their people to steal money for themselves, therefore, they are quiet when Vučić unofficially accept independent Kosovo. All of them get richer, not only Vučić.