Vučić and Bratislav Gašić continue to work for the CIA against Serbian citizens

Today and yesterday Serbian spies continue to misuse their network of collaborators to produce problems, spies followed me personally also, so, these days I will try to find more contacts of extremists in Serbia and in the region. More of them will get information from me. Vučić and his head of BIA are the most responsible for creating insecurity by working for the CIA against me, but I am not surprised, they work for the CIA against Serbia (about Kosovo), after them BIA agents, and then BIA collaborators in all places I visit: faculty of law (professors, assistants, students, workers), university library (system admin, D. Stolić), studio Pink (Katarina Šišmanović), swimming pool (teachers of swimming), cops and criminals in August-November, parents who misuse their children to kiss spies in the ass and get some privileges, etc.
So, these days, my job is to increase insecurity of sold president and his minion Bratislav Gašić, both work for the CIA against Serbian citizens with hope they will get support to rule forever, but hahaha, “shit happens”, 40 000 people in Belgrade protest against Vučić, plus 60 cities more. Soon, spies will leave Vučić alone and he will fall, but first, they must make a deal with somebody from opposition, the time will show who is that pig who will try to save criminal spies.
In this moment, BIA and Brussels/CIA are competing who will infiltrate protest more, to take it for themselves, their minions are taking microphone more and more and they infiltrate the top of PSG (the movement of free citizens), they use system of recommendations to include their people, so, we protest, and they plan to use it for their interests. In any case, the fall of Vučić is more important than to be busy with details about the time after him, we will think about it later. The future is still unwritten, despite of different domestic and foreign “groups” mixing their fingers in this protest.