Ukrainian and Swedish politicians misuse Russia as a threat to take a bribe from Lockheed Martin, protests against police brutality have erupted in east London

Ukrainian and Swedish politicians misuse Russia as a threat to take a bribe from Lockheed Martin, they justify buying of weapons from the US by spreading fear about Russia.
They could modernize military and without paranoia about Russia, possibly they have more and more poor people and they spend money for unnecessary things, therefore, they must convince society that it is necessary to buy weapons.

Kiev has almost reached an agreement with the US about the supplies of “defensive weapons” that could be delivered as early as this year, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told Ukrainian media. “I personally believe that we need to consider lethal defensive weapons for Ukraine,” General Curtis M. Scaparrotti, head of the US European Command (EUCOM), told the House Armed Services Committee. He also said that the US should “demonstrate strength in every area” when it comes to dealing with Moscow. However, in April, Tillerson expressed doubt that the Ukrainian conflict was of interest for US taxpayers.

As we can see, that’s the reason the CIA makes propaganda against Trump, they will produce conflict and push Trump to support Ukraine.

And Swedish corrupted politicians develop the same philosophy to justify corruption, from all arms producers, of course, they want to buy from the US manufacturers and they do it because of imagined threat from Russia. Sweden intends to replace all of its aging air defense systems, saying Russian missile systems stationed in the nearby exclave of Kaliningrad make this a necessity. US-made Patriot systems are among the options for the major overhaul. The MIM-104 Patriot designed by Lockheed Martin and Raytheon is currently being considered as an option, along with the French-Italian SAMP/T medium-range missile system.

When you have fake oversight of the police and intelligence, this is what happens: Violent protests against police brutality have erupted in east London over the death of a 25-year-old black man who died from wounds allegedly sustained during his arrest by police. Six police officers were injured in the clashes with rioters. After holding a minute of silence Sunday evening, a large crowd of activists holding Black Lives Matter signs went on a rampage in the vicinity of Forest Gate police station near the spot where Edir Frederico Da Costa was detained by police on Thursday, June 15. His family alleges that the 25-year-old black man had died after being mistreated by the Metropolitan Police. Da Costa, known as Edson, slipped into the coma after being brutally beaten by police, his relatives allege, claiming that he suffered spinal and head injuries on June 15. Edson died six days later.

Considering my health, I have still pain in my head, Sunday night I was followed by Danish Nazi spies together with American ones, and the police patrols passed 2 times. They continue to manufacture attack against Danish citizen, possibly they think I will get a stroke and they try to produce an attack before it happens. I will send emails to international factors that I am poisoned and can get a stroke any moment and that’s the result of creating fake oversight of intelligence that support spies to poison immigrants and to steal the money from the budget. All members of the oversight know 2 years that I am poisoned. As I said, even if I got some medicament from a doctor, it would not help if I am constantly poisoned. But I will mention that I visited the clinic and they didn’t help about the pain in my head, they just gave me advises how to recognize stroke. Of course, the clinic is infiltrated, red cross is working for the secret service. Unfortunately I cannot make official charges in the court against all members of the Oversight, but it will not stay hidden what they do. Many morons can kiss the gov in the ass and kill people, but such things should not stay hidden.