Trump provokes North Korea, French chose today a new colonist president, the five eyes make a meeting in New Zealand

Japanese destroyers Samidare and Ashigara joined the USS Carl Vinson warship. I thought Trump will back off from North Korea because Russia and China sent soldiers at the borders, but now Trump again sent the warship together with Japanese 2 destroyers to the South Korea. Maybe they will just make a military exercise, maybe they will make the attack together. Even if they give up from the attack on nuclear facilities, because of China and Russia, colonists (robbers) can try to attack the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and rocket launchers. The warship USS Carl Vinson has a crew of 6000 soldiers and several radars and protection systems, it can carry 90 aircraft (warplanes and helicopters), it was used in the Gulf war, Iraq war, etc. The commandeer is Captain Douglas C. Verissimo, born in Falmouth, Massachusetts. He participated in all American wars in the last 30 years and surely contributed to the American war crimes. If he gets the order to attack, Kim will push him to swim… and 25 000 American soldiers between North and South Korea will get the rain of bombs, rockets and bullets. They are first to see if there is the afterlife or not. During the rain, Trump will drink whiskey, he doesn’t give a shit for 25 000 soldiers.

French are giving vote today for one of 11 presidential candidates. All of them are the same, just fascist ones prefer domestic billionaires and leftist and liberal ones prefer international billionaires i.e. American ones. The parliamentarian left is not different than the liberal option in any case. Francois took the money from American banks i.e. from the CIA and even organized terrorist attacks against his own people. Whoever wins, France will continue its colonial politics that include racism in the domestic territory, i.e. supplying rich people with slaves, cheap labor. French workers will continue to be poorer and poorer and immigrants will be in a bigger shit than French workers. The process of making a totalitarian state will continue.

The Five Eyes spying alliance make a meeting in Arrowtown, Queenstown, New Zealand. The conference is expected to go on for about a week. The Five Eyes alliance is a surveillance-sharing alliance between the five English-speaking allies dating back more than 70 years. It is currently comprised of the US’s National Security Agency (NSA), the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Canada’s Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), and New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB). The group work together to create a global surveillance apparatus. The extent of the alliance’s cooperation was revealed in NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s leaked documents in 2013.

Considering my private life, Danish Nazi spies continue to do everything the same as before: they send fake Muslims, they locked classrooms the whole week to prevent me to make some money, they sent their spies to check in the public transport if I bought a new ticket (spy scans my ticket, other conductors just check the date of the ticket), they activated spies to comment that I am stinking (my shoes, etc), and so on. Nothing new, as I mentioned, all of that is the result of their bribe of the members of the Oversight. Their spies got a job of controllers, to control the public transport because illegal immigrants can be arrested in the case they don’t buy a ticket. The PET agents still misuse their job for racist aims. In any case, soon, I will stay without money, then, they can’t say they want to kick me out of Denmark when I stay, because of them, without the money to buy a ticket. They hide racism behind a bullshit story “they want to kick me out of DK”. Preventing me to make money is the proof they never had the idea to let me to go out, they harass immigrants to produce murder and terrorism, with the aim to make propaganda against immigrants and with the aim to justify bigger repression against the whole society. They misuse and domestic criminals to make the bigger repression against the whole society.

Now they misuse the attack in Sweden to militarize the cops in Sweden, Swedish politicians corrupted by Lockheed Martin and journalists working for the SAPO speak that the cops can’t protect themselves and hardly to protect others. It means, they must order the equipment from Lockheed Martin. Dirty pigs manufacture terrorism to make a profit and to impose repression against the whole society. They continue with their plan to abolish workers’ and civil rights and to impose a totalitarian state. Swedish PM, the Minister of Defense and the heads of intelligence agencies are the main pigs.