Trump felt on his knees in front of the war profiteers, many people will die in Syria, North Korea, in terrorism all over Europe/USA

The present PM of Serbia met today with the American war profiteer John McCain, one of the main Republicans that serves the US private military industry (billionaires) and he is one of the main person for turning Republican party to have influence on Trump to let them to make the profit from the war. Officially, the PM will speak with McCain about Kosovo and Serbia, but in reality, McCain will promise him money if he cheats Russia as he did about Montenegro. They develop secret plans against Russia. McCain also visited all countries that will be used against Russia: Baltic’s, Poland, Romania and now Serbia second time.

Trump definitely felt on his knees in front of the CIA and other war profiteers, obviously they found some information to blackmail him, every businessman has some weak point, the business always includes corruption and many other things. His kneeling was visible when he removed his right wing supporter from the national security council, Bannon, and when he attacked Syria + he sent the warship near to North Korea. Now all American fascists are giving up from Trump and his election promises, even European fascists show they are disappointed with Trump. They understood he felt down on his knees in front of the war profiteers and liberal capitalists. Now Trump is staying alone, in the web/net of the CIA, they can kill him any time they want, they turned liberals and fascists against Trump, he is now just one man in their hands. It means many people will die in Syria, North Korea, in terrorism all over Europe, and even in the USA. In the name of profit of the owners of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, etc, all these defense contractors are owned by the same people and managers are the CIA/DOD people.

Danish Nazi spies got the same information from the CIA about Trump and they prepare new terrorist attacks. They overcame the fear from Trump, they thought he will stop the private military industry and implementation of a totalitarian system in the USA/EU. Now they are confident again, and they continue to manufacture terrorism, to misuse terrorism to build the totalitarian system.

Danish military spies came back this morning, to irritate me and push me to kill people in Denmark. They drove mopped beside me on the bridge, without registration plates, they sent their spies, they do everything to produce a murder or terrorism. Surely they do the same thing with many immigrants and Muslims all over Denmark, it is just question of time when the new attack will happen.

Considering my health, I have almost every day a pain in my testicles. I suppose it is because of chemical castration or spies included cancer cells in my body.

Finally I edited videos and made screenshots, here it is, Nyhavn spies and other spies, 5-10 April 2017.