They intensified bullying in order to push me to kill people: the CIA, Danish spies, cops, criminals, university employees and students; Serbian criminals will set up each others soon, bigger ones will set up smaller ones, the CIA will control the drug business and make money from it

This morning I was followed by the military spies who organize the killing of Danes in the name of profit of Lockheed Martin. They brought and some snitches who look like South Korean and Romanian, they work for the CIA. Obviously their ambassadors should be expelled from Denmark in the case I kill people, but Denmark is so much subordinated to the United Snakes of America that they openly produce terrorism in front of the eyes of politicians.

The last night, 00:30, 2 people came near to my tent, I heard steps on grass and in the wood, surely they didn’t come for nothing, military spies continue to use some gas to produce terrorism.

Here are pictures below that show that ordinary South Koreans are against the US and the war pushed by the US while South Korean government suck American dick for money. Pictures are taken from, protest happened August 15, 2017.

Yesterday, as I supposed earlier, they intensified bullying in order to push me to kill people. I was followed by the crowd of cops and military spies who pretended they are criminals, possibly they brought and criminals from time to time, to justify the presence of cops, it is everything dirty game they play, criminals and spies together manufacture terrorism. They also misused university employees, cleaning women during the day clean only toilets, yesterday, they cleaned classrooms, to prevent me to take bottles. In all 3 buildings of the CBS, I found 5 bottles. But in the evening, I visited one room where they had a seminar, it is in the corner and they forgot that room, so, I took 100 dkk bottles. One girl from canteen saw me and she watched what I do, and I showed her middle finger, they activated and people from the canteen to take food and bottles after the seminar even they are obligated to sell fresh food and don’t have any reason to take empty bottles and cakes that stayed in warm space the whole day. They take it to suck dick of secret service, they have snitches in the canteen. If they want conflict, they will get it, they should be obligated to put food in the garbage and not to bring it in the canteen, they can resell old food or bring it to their home or they can keep bottles in the basement as they do, their job is to work in the kitchen, not to collect bottles. Snitches from the canteen turn workers against immigrants to produce conflict, the same as snitches in student organizations turn students against immigrants to produce conflict. There is a reason why spies infiltrate all places I visit: to produce murder and impose repression against all students with the pretext of protecting them from terrorists and criminals. That’s how they create a totalitarian state i.e. repression in every segment of society. And they do it with the advice from the CIA that created such things in American schools (murder + repression). Michael Moore made movies about it, asking questions, but he blamed violent American mentality, he didn’t understand, they create a totalitarian state and manufacture bullying and murders. Shooting doesn’t happen without a reason, mostly Asians are those who are bullied and they take a rifle and shoot everybody. Now they do the same thing in Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, UK and Spain.

By the way, Serbian Minister of the police met with Argentinian ambassador, it is clear what was the topic: the arrest of Serbian criminals in Latin America. The CIA and Chinese now use legal state departments to get rid of Serbian criminals, then, Montenegrin (NATO) criminals will do the drug business in the name of the CIA and Chinese. If they arrest Serbs, but not Montenegrin, the whole action of the police will be just to help to the CIA. Considering Serbian criminals work for Danish spies against me, I am not sorry for them.
It is clear that Serbian police will never really arrest rich criminals that work for the secret service, big criminals will be informed and they will set up some lower players to be arrested, to make politicians happy. Cocaine is transported by Serbs, Montenegrin, Croatian criminals, only Serbs are not NATO/CIA criminals, now they will arrest Serbs and the CIA will control the drug business and make money from it.

By the way, the present political and insecurity chaos in Brazil is produced by the CIA, they misuse the corrupted president who got position after Dilma, and they misuse the cops to produce insecurity, the war situation in Rio, everyday the cops and criminals shoot each others and people protest against such government politics, but the CIA is behind it. As I said, the owners of military industry can’t bankrupt the US as long as there is big China, Russia, Brazil, India, even the EU. The US military industry (the CIA and military spies) will destroy Brazil and produce conflict between Pakistan and India. They will profit from that and later they can bankrupt America. The war with Russia can be also the excuse to bankrupt America and workers’ salaries will be 200 USD per month.

The video below shows the name of the classroom, the name of the seminar, and inside is visible cleaned classroom, chairs are moved it means the room was used, but there are no bottles. They misuse racism to irritate immigrants i.e. to kill Danes.