The fall of Berlin Wall was the fall of western workers and the whole western society, rich deviant retards would like to exploit society like before WWII

Saturday evening Danish spies and cops were removed, I was followed by the Chinese pigs and fake Muslims.
Sunday morning fake Muslims again.

At the CBS they kept all classrooms locked except the ones used by students. It looks Nazi spies wanted to prevent me to use computers/Internet, but it is just provocation, there are many university and city libraries. In any case, 6-7 classrooms were used by students and there were around 200 students drinking water, but later I found just 20 dkk bottles. Nazi spies continue to use Nazi students, the last days, they didn’t take bottles, today they took it.
They continue to misuse university employees and students against immigrants. I found one unlocked classroom in any case, and later I can use classrooms used by students.

All in all, Nazi spies did everything that I stay in Denmark to provoke me to attack people, they protected the ass of their criminals, they continue to misuse their job, just they had to stop to manufacture murder or conflict between me and criminals in this moment.

The fact that the spies continue to provoke me in front of eyes of politicians shows that spies infiltrated political parties to save their privileges and to use their collaborators in situation like mine, to save their ass even when the politicians know they manufacture terrorism and murder. Some people in different political parties had to be activated to make propaganda against me, to help to spies to continue to manufacture terrorism. In other case, the spies would be arrested, they would not just lose their jobs.

I found about 10 historians and I sent them emails about Danish spies manufacturing terrorism to make themselves richer and to implement totalitarian state, to turn the system back to the 19th century, to abolish workers’ and civil rights that people got after WWII, after the rise of socialism. From the fall of Berlin Wall, of socialism and possibility to confiscate the wealth of riches, rich people and politicians don’t see any reason to give good life to the workers any more. Civil and workers’ rights are destroyed with the pretext of fight against terrorism, therefore, they manufacture terrorism, fear and insecurity. Beside that, they just need to destroy the value of work, to make salaries 100 Eur per month, they will use bankruptcy of the US for such purpose. But they can’t bankrupt the US as long as there is big EU, big China, big Russia. Therefore, they destroy the EU and they pressure Trump to make the war with Russia. They need 10 years to build totalitarian state, to make the war against Russia, to bankrupt the US. It is process. And ordinary people are victims of such deviant ideas of economic and political “elites”, only in one terrorist attack, 130 people died in Paris. If they make the war with Russia, millions of EU citizens will die. Therefore, they make walls on the borders. They started seriously to destroy the present system that is created after WWII due to fear of riches from socialism. There is no more socialism, rich people want to turn system back to the previous situation. The fall of Berlin Wall was the fall of western workers and the whole western society, rich deviant retards would like to exploit society the same as before WWII.