The cops in the US killed more than 1000 people in 2016, American senators travel and plan escalation of conflict with Russia

Danish Nazi spies still exploit bitches (neighbors) from Rosenørns Alle against immigrants. As I said long time ago, they used bitch sisters to spread racism against immigrants in their neoghborhood.

The last night (Tuesday) Nazi spies drove car on me near to the CBS (BB 14 755, 22:42 p.m.), to remind me to go to the rosenørns alle. They need it to make me a security problem.

The CIA monkeys (South Koreans) follow me all the time these several days.

The biology university was closed today, it looks that security there still works for the secret service and fuck students in the head. CBS and surely other university buildings are working, today is not a holiday, but the Life Science building was locked, only employees with a card could come inside, i.e. students could not use group rooms and other facilities. Such shit behavior of security started in September 2014 when secret service sent their security to work at the life science. The same security old pigs are around Rosenørns Alle, they are part of politics against immigrants the same as Danish lebanese who work for the G4S (PET company).

In the hospital, during x-mass, again I saw that Danish Lebanese (PET spies) work as security, it means Nazi spies infiltrate hospitals to damage health of immigrants. If you get shot by PET Nazi criminals, they use their spies in hospitals to “welcome you” i.e. to kill you: security, nurses and doctors. Serbian Prime Minister was shot in March 2003 and doctor who worked for secret service criminals accepted him in the hospital. Later that doctor escaped to Canada. There are even nurses who like sissy angels on Facebook. That’s how criminals get drugs but they can also use nurses to damage health of immigrants, sissy angels are part of PET Nazi politics.

It is good that Serbian PM bought warplanes from Russia and not from America
, he understood if he buys it from the CIA, there will be war without end in Balkans (to sell more weapons). It is better to buy it from Russia. The CIA monkeys profit from the war and conflict. It is also comic that Serbia had many times elections last several years and some political parties bankrupted, their bank accounts are blocked several years.

The EU Court of Justice damaged the British government’s mass surveillance. In a judgment handed down in Luxembourg on Wednesday, 15 judges declared that the “general and indiscriminate retention” of data about people’s communications and locations was inconsistent with privacy rights. The court stated that the “highly invasive” bulk storage of private data “exceeds the limits of what is strictly necessary and cannot be considered to be justified, within a democratic society.” Judges decided that only targeted spying is justified if it is overseen by a judicial authority or an independent administrative authority. Although the UK will leave the EU in the future, the ruling will now be forwarded to the U.K.’s Court of Appeal, where judges there will consider how to apply it in the context of national law. It may result in the government being forced to make changes to controversial sections of the Investigatory Powers Act.

The cops in the United States have killed more than 1,058 people so far this year. Many cops that work for the CIA/FBI kill people of color to rise protests and increase insecurity that is misused by the CIA to sell arms and military vehicles to the police, to militarize the country. They kill people to make business.

American senators who are corrupted by the CIA and billionaires that profit from the war, Lindsey Graham, Amy Klobuchar, John McCain are visiting Baltic countries these days and they will travel also to Ukraine and Montenegro. It is obvious that they go in “the mission” to make deal with corrupted east European politicians: how much and whom America can use against Russia. They visit all countries that will be used by America against Russia. The war makers want to escalate conflict, then, Trump will have an official reason to “change his mind” and start to be against Russia, or if he is really against CIA monkeys, the CIA will push Trump in situation to chose: the CIA or Russia. In such case, if he chose Russia, they will find some hot-head to shoot Trump. They killed Kennedy and they will do the same again if Trump is really against them. But now they travel around and check the situation about making similar scenario like in Ukraine.