The CIA, South Koreans and Danish spies continue the same as before, Rasmussen continues with making totalitarian state

Yesterday, Saturday, I was followed by South Koreans and Danish spies.
In the evening, they brought South Koreans and fake criminals to follow me, therefore, I had to go and stand beside the house of politicians.
It looks during the day they wanted to prevent me to take bottles and use computers, so, classrooms were locked after 3pm, but in the end, they didn’t do anything, I used classrooms until 8pm.
Therefore, to prevent them to hide from society what they do, I don’t froze my server any more, if they lock classrooms, I can update my blog from the CBS library. They are busy with stupid excuses to hide manufacturing of the attack at the CBS, they provoke me to attack people at the university.

This Sunday morning, South Korean and Danish spies pretend they catch fish in Sluseholmen, they continue to manufacture murder or terrorist case. Even if they keep me shorter time in the prison, they will use military spies who work in the prison to poison me, then they will let me out to produce killing of people. That’s what they did to Omar El Hussein, that’s what French spies did to all those Muslims who attacked people, 90% of attackers were 2 years in the prison.
The CIA give advises to French and Danish spies. Denmark is still banana country where the CIA (South Koreans) can do whatever they want. That’s the result of corruption in politics. Danish oversight of intelligence help them to hide it from society.

We saw the result of last elections in France, Francois Hollande destroyed his political party with his work for the CIA and against French workers. Voters punished his party, we will see what will happen in Denmark if Rasmussen continue with the same politics of insecurity and totalitarian system (the state of emergency) like Hollande. Rasmussen imposed the state of emergency in Norrebro and Aarhus by misusing the PET criminals (Loyal to the Family and sissy angels).
Danes don’t have history of fighting for democracy like French, Danes are more obedient and watch only personal interests, French have history of fighting against repression. Generally, South Europeans are more fighting than North Europeans. As we see in the history, Danes didn’t fight against Hitler.
Serbia is weaker than Denmark but we fought against big Germany (WWII, 6 million Serbs against 70 million Germans), against big Habsburg monarchy (WWI, 1/3 of Serbs died in the war), before that against big Turkey 500 years. That was good for Austria, if Serbs were not fighting, Turkey (Ottoman empire) would come to the border of Austria and Italy. Therefore, Austria has good relations with Serbia.

As individuals, true Serbs are fighting against big group of Danish criminals, fake Serbs suck Danish dick. It is always easy to recognize who is true and who is fake Serb. Many Serbs became the same like Danes, they just speak Serbian language, they don’t have Serbian mentality. It is the same when Serbian newcomers ask for help those fake Serbs who are 20-30 years in Denmark, they became like west Europeans, they don’t want to help, only if you have the residence and the job, they will become friends with you. In other case, they don’t want to have anything with you, they know you need help. Their children are Danish citizens, they are even more watching their ass, they don’t care to help to somebody who came from Serbia, they just visit Serbia to visit grandparents, that’s all. They don’t have anything common with our mentality, in Serbia people always help each others, the same like in Latin America and Asia. In Asia, your neighbor will help you to find a job if your family has no connections/network to find you a job. Therefore, Serbia has smaller number of homeless than Denmark even Serbia is poorer country, in Denmark, you ask the state for help even if you have a family, in Serbia, you ask people for help. But Serbia also became more and more capitalist country in the last 25 years, old people with socialist mentality are dying, young people grew up in capitalism, they are not solidary with others. Socialist mentality still exist only in Cuba and North Korea, although Asia and Latin America still have similar solidarity, but it is question how much poor people (in Asia) can help to the poor people. One thing is for sure, there are Serbs homeless in Denmark, there is not even one Latino homeless in Denmark, they always help each others, if you need sleeping place, money or job, they help. Serbs became like Danes, they are not Serbs anymore.