The CIA morons advised Serbian spies to shit in my room, that’s the best example of personality of spies

Some people are surprised why spies didn’t stop separation of Yugoslavia or why spies didn’t stop separation of Kosovo from Serbia, but in my articles, people can see what kind of morons are spies, and consequently: who really expect from them to stop separation of the country? Their personality is simply stupid and primitive, kiss in ass the ruler to get privileges, and do shit to those who don’t want to do it. I am not surprised that Yugoslavia separated beside stupid spies.

So, 25th March I tried to hitchhike to Velika Plana on the highway, to visit doctor, stupid president and his ministers created rules that you must go to the doctor in the city you have address and consequnetly people spend money for traveling (bus, train, car), I can’t get any help from doctor in Belgrade. When I hitchhiked at the toll ramp, drivers take tickets there and they stop already so you can ask them to take you, spies sent security of the toll to move me away from the ticket machine, to hitchhike on the highway and nobody stops there. Drivers don’t want to stop the second time and it would produce a line of cars waiting for driver who speaks with me. When security moved me from there, they produce problems for the ramp, their job is to pass drivers fast and not slow. It is better if drivers stop one time and not two times. So, after one hour unsucessful hitchhiking, I came back to Belgrade, the ramp is 15km from the city. So, spies prevented me to visit doctor.

I saw many times police cars, so, I concluded spies misuse police to follow me, it means, they sent criminals to follow me, to be able to misuse the police against me. The same as the CIA and Danish spies did in Copenhagen, so, it is visible that Serbian spies, their chief and the president sell our citizens to the CIA.

As usual, spies misused their female children to try to set me up, they do it everyday, to make a scandal, to intimidate and discredit me. They continue to misuse even old women at the swimming pool to produce problems, even I don’t say or do anything, woman alone produce problems, coming always in the same time when I go out. I think her name is Nešić Marija or similar, I saw her name on the monthly card for swimming pool. In theory i can take balaclava and attack her outside on the streets where are no camera, but she is not so important, I will rather collect faces of spies published on the Internet and re-publish their faces on my blog and elsewhere. They do shit, they will get shit, today I will inform judges of the highest court what they do.

And here is more what they do, it shows how much they are stupid and unfortunately they get money from the budget to do such stupid things while 35 000 Serbs  get only one meal per day. In the evening I came to sleep, I saw shit in my room, see pictures below. I sent it to the daughter of Vučić, to show her how much her father and his spies are primitive in their kissing the CIA in the ass, and today I will send this pictures to judges of the highest court. It is clear that spies irritate me to push me to do something, and to misuse cops against me and guards and criminals in the prison. That’s good example to see that Serbia is colonized by the CIA. It is comic that yesterday Serbian president condemned NATO bombarding of Serbia in 1999, when he send soldiers to have military excercizes with NATO, he made the law to exchange security information with France, and so on. He sells our citizens and our country to the British ruling class, to French ruling class, to the CIA. Russia should never trust him, he cheated them one time already about Montenegro, he can do it again.

One o’clock after midnight, spies sent some young criminals, to come in the building I sleep, oif course, they came to the part where I am, but could not come so near because I make barricades in the hall, they asked me for metal stick, of course, I refused to give them, my fingerprints can stay on it and they can break boutique or attack someone, then they found metal stick and tried to break some door in the building. So, the point was to disturb me about sleeping. There is one new family in the building, possibly, they work for spies and they broke bulbs and made shit in my room. Possibly spies promised them social help or some benefits if they produce problems for me.

Today 26th March, spies and cops continue to follow me. I sent pictures to daughter of Vučić and I will send it now to the judges. Below are photos of spies I found on the Internet. I will also inform socialists in Denmark that I am deported to Serbia where I have problems with spies, it is arranged by their spies too. They should demand stop to deportations to Serbia by fascist Rasmussen because we get problems after deportation.