The CIA monkeys continue to harass immigrants and produce terrorist attacks, in the name of totalitarian system and … profit

Nine hurt, suspect killed in Ohio attack today. A man crashed his vehicle into pedestrians on the Ohio State campus in Columbus on Monday, then slashed students with a butcher knife before being fatally shot by a university police officer, authorities said. Another news said that the cop was there accidentally because of the gas leaking nearby.
Multiple media reports, including NBC News and the Associated Press, described him as an 18-year-old native of Somalia living in the United States as a legal permanent resident. NBC said he was a student at the school. If that’s true, obviously he was discriminated or harassed by students working for the CIA/FBI.
In any case, it is not hard for the CIA to follow attacker and to find excuses for the presence of the cop who is working for them. First news said that it was African American that tried to kill people, now it is a legal permanent resident of the US who is born in Somalia but came from Pakistan to the US in 2007.
I am sure the CIA or FBI harassed him for a longer period, with the help of racist students, to create a terrorist case and justify repression against immigrants, against Muslims, and to justify implementation of a totalitarian system.

The Intercept, the media of Glenn Greenwald, described the newest discovery of a fake terrorist case, the FBI gave money to notorious liar to give testimony against another man and to set him up to finish in the prison for terrorism charges. Even mother of a liar is speaking against him. Such dirty pigs work for the FBI, FBI needs such pigs to implement totalitarian system, read how they set up a terrorist case, with money and greedy pig who is a liar:
The government’s case against Hamid Hayat relied on the testimony of a troubled FBI informant — whose own mother said he was “a bagful of lies.”

By the way, the CIA infiltrates the Trump team for transition. Trae Stephens, who works for the Pether Thiel’s Founders Fund, and earlier worked in the Palantir, was appointed last week by Donald Trump to help lead the transition effort at the Defense Department.. Thiel is the NSA right hand, Palantir gained notoriety in 2011 after the hacking collective LulzSec dumped thousands of hacked emails from HBGary Federal, a firm collaborating with Palantir to pitch clients, revealing plans to use Palantir’s data analysis tools on a project to spy on labor unions, journalists, and activist groups on behalf of business interests. The Palantir has been engaged in a pitched lobbying battle to win over a $3 billion contract to develop battlefield intelligence systems. The firm has hired a number of political insiders to influence military contracting decisions, including retired Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Terry Paul. But no amount of outside lobbying can compare to having a Palantir insider now shaping the entire future of the Defense Department. Last year, another leaked document from Palantir revealed that as of 2013, the firm counted over a dozen federal agencies as clients, including the FBI, NSA, CIA, Special Operations Command, and the Air Force.
So, Pether Thiel and other shareholders of Palantir are those who develop the military “machine” for conflict with Russia and other countries.