The CIA and Lockheed Martin continue to advice Danish spies how to manufacture terrorist cases, what poison to use…

Monday evening, 15th May 2917, on my way to sleep, Danish Nazis (Finn and Findsen together with the CIA) sent G4S to follow me in the train and with cars on the street. I must remind any reader that G4S is a Nazi company, they poison their own workers and their workers kill people in the US (attack against a gay club, 48 people dead, attack at Florida airport, 5 people dead, before the attack, the man complained to the police that the CIA poison him). How much Serbia became shit, it is visible from information that G4S (Proguard) and some other private companies secure about 5 ministries buildings. Even Montgomery, the former US ambassador has a security company in Serbia. Serbian spies are busy with stealing money from the budget and with helping to Danish Nazis against our citizens. Security can implement keyloggers, hidden cameras and many other things. Serbian spies should be arrested for treason.

Tuesday morning, Lars Johan Findsen sent again 20-30 spies in the nature, to steal money from the budget. He owns a house that is worth 1.2 million Eur, it is clear he could not buy such house without to steal the money. Even if he had 50 000 dkk salary per month, he has expensive life and surely spends 20-30 000 dkk per month. It means he would need 10 years of 50k per month to save 300 000 Eur, and to collect 1.2 million Eur, he would need 30 years. It is clear that he is a financial criminal and deviant lunatic that manufactures terrorism against the Danes.
During the day, his spies used motorcycles and bikes to follow me in the city. They followed me also to see how much money I make from bottles. In Dalgas Have, they positioned their Nazi students to wait the whole day that I go out from the classroom, possibly to poison my drinks, to make me extremely nervous and to push me to kill.

This Wednesday,
they follow me with bikes and by foot, they sent their snitch or they activated a snitch from the seminar to take bottles, I found only 5 bottles and I saw that garbage in the trash can was moved. It means, somebody was putting his hands inside, to take all bottles. In theory, sometimes it can happen that just 5 people visit seminar, but in such case, I would find and food (cake, etc), everything was taken except 5 bottles. There are and exams in groups rooms and all are without bottles, usually there is always food and bottles with water. It means the Nazis are organized in creating criminality among immigrants. For me, it is racism hidden behind the national security, such racism is the reason to attack Pernille Skipper or any other member of the civilian control of secret service. They continue to manufacture the hate and attack against deputies and they do it because they got advises from the CIA to do it.

The CIA and Lockheed Martin advice Danish spies how to manufacture terrorist cases, what poison to use, etc. All these attacks in schools in the US are manufactured by the CIA, the same as shooting of African-Americans by the (CIA) cops, to sell military equipment to the police, to make a profit.

In any case, when they poison me, why they would not poison Roma, homeless, homosexuals, criminals in the prison, etc?
If they push me to kill people, why they would not let Saudis to organize Sept.11 attacks?

Without my experience with spies, I would say, even if they are spies and hated by many people, they are not so much crazy to let terrorist to kill people, but now after my experience with them, I am sure they let Saudis to kill Americans, they harassed some people to push them to kill students and pupils in the US, they harassed Kundby girl to make a terrorist case from a teenager (extremely dirty and ill), they used chemical castration against Omar El-Hussein in the prison to make him crazy to kill. Terrorism became business and they profit from that.

In the last several weeks, I collected many videos, maybe more than 100 clips, today I wanted to liberate my memory card and I made one video from many clips, it will be finished tomorrow. It doesn’t matter so much if their faces are visible, it matters how many of them are sent to steal money from the budget, by Lars Johan Findsen (FE-DDIS) and Finn Borch Andersen (PET) + how many of them harass immigrants to push us to kill Danes or even deputies. All of them participate in manufacturing terrorism or murder. Finn and Findsen also took the money from Ane Maersk Uggla to produce murder, they sent cops and spies every time I was in Toldbodgade in the last one year, it is the proof that they misuse their job, she is not a diplomat/deputy/military official, and she never had any face to face problem with me, she didn’t call the cops, Finn and Findsen misuse the cops to take the money from rich retards. They scared her to make a profit.

Here is one video from today: