Sweden Democrats had an attempted motion of no-confidence against Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, it showed who is corrupted by the CIA

Saturday evening, I was followed by young spies, possibly they were employed by security companies that get contracts with the help of PET Nazi agent (there is no equality between companies in the capitalist market). One young moron “came to make graffiti” 100m from the place I sleep, another 2 were “catching fish” and 2 more were hidden under the bridge. 5 of them all over Sluseholmen 11pm.

Sunday morning I was followed by PET and FE-DDIS agents, mostly standing on bus stations and possibly in the cars, there were also 2 police snitches in Falkoner Alle. The CBS Betjente is going around 4pm again, pretending he changes papers for classrooms and printers, but he chose the time when usually they finish lectures, so, he can take bottles. He can do that job and 7pm, so, it is clear they continue to keep me without money to push me to spend money that is not mine. Betjente and their chief suck dick of Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen who took the money from Maersk and the CIA. We will see the result before or later.

Interesting thing happens in Sweden, I wrote to Sweden Democrats an email before 6 months that the CIA (American banks and Lockheed Martin) have influence on manufacturing terrorism in Sweden, the PM and Ministers are corrupted the same as heads of intelligence, they produce killing of Swedes to implement totalitarian state and to push down the salaries, to make billionaires happy. Now I read the news, Sweden Democrats (SD) had an attempted motion of no-confidence against Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. 136 MPs voted against the motion, 155 abstained, and 43 voted for it. At least 175 votes in favour were needed for the motion to pass. All of the Social Democrat and Green MPs present voted against the motion. They are those who are corrupted. Centre Party, Christian Democrat, Liberal and Left MPs all abstained. As did the Moderates except of one their deputy. So, the Moderates are fake also, they are corrupted too.

The official reason for motion: The motion was launched by SD’s Paula Bieler on Wednesday, who claimed that Löfven had lied about how information around security failings at Sweden’s Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) was handled by the Government Offices. The scandal over a data leak that made top secret police databases available to foreign IT workers cost two cabinet members their jobs when Löfven produced a reshuffle and Interior Minister Anders Ygeman and Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson left their positions ín July. The Moderates pointed out however that just because they had abstained did not mean they believe the Prime Minister to be free from responsibility in the handling of the crisis.
An attempt to bring down Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist over the Transportstyrelsen scandal appeared to collapse on Thursday meanwhile when the Centre Party and Liberals announced they would no longer back a no-confidence motion, despite being two of the four Alliance parties who originally announced the attempt to bring a motion forward earlier in the year.

All of this shows how much the CIA has influence on Swedish politics, and it shows that social democrats and green party collaborate with the CIA in manufacturing terrorism in Sweden. They sold themselves for money, these two parties are first who should be against the US politics, but they are the first to sell themselves for money. While they speak against climate changes, they take money from the CIA under the table. Dirty, dirty… In any case, if the present government is removed, Lockheed Martin will lose its business in Sweden, therefore, the CIA wants more parties in the government, to be sure, their business will not be canceled if another party win elections. They corrupt more parties, not only one.