Surprise, sissy criminals didn’t attack me while I was sleeping, they got balls? Nope. They need 333 pussies for one Serb

Yesterday I got a small problem with my stomach and heart, it looks they poisoned food I buy in bakeries of Lidel and Netto in Falkoner Alle 3. This Netto is infiltrated by spies already 2 months, I buy there dinner in their bakery every evening, it is double cheaper after 8 p.m. In the last 3 weeks they sent their spies to work also in all Lidel I buy breakfast (Østebolle). They can poison Ostebolle, after I buy several, the rest they can put in the garbage, it is just 4 dkk per piece, even 20 pieces would cost them just 80 dkk. It happened also one Saturday before 2 weeks that I had problem with my heart after eating Østebolle.
Lidl, Sjælør Blvd. 141, 2500 Valby
Lidl, Søndre Fasanvej 90, 2500 Valby
Lidl, Finsensvej 78, 2000 Frederiksberg

The last evening, Monday, I thought the Nazis (Finn Andersen and Thomas Ahrenkiel) will send pussy criminals to attack me while I was sleeping, to make revenge against me, but nobody came. Pussies usually attack when you sleep or they will send 333 pussy criminals to attack me during the day on the street. Only pussies are members of pussy angels, Nazi criminal group. Of course, if criminals attack me, I will make revenge, I can break the door from some house/building and attack some people in their home. I can chose and some politician, that’s more effective against Finn and Thomas.

I think that the blond bitch that study CBS got a software from PET spies to know where I am (position of my bike, I suppose), she can also misuse this software to help to criminals to track me. It is the same software used by spies around the home of Lars Lokke Rasmussen. They gave it to the bitch.

On Monday, I was followed by the crowd of spies. By the CIA and PET Muslims, by the criminals in the nature (they got info from spies about my position), by non-Muslim spies, by the cops, by South Koreans …

Tuesday morning I saw only some pussy criminals on the streets and police. I didn’t use classic route to come to the city, so, they had to be informed about my position, if they wanted to prepare the attack. I was going to buy my breakfast in Lidl in Vesterbrogade and it is not my usual route I do every day. In that way, servers of tellecommunication companies will record if anyone followed me and that’s the proof that criminals and secret service (Finn and Thomas) are coordinated in preparing attacks against people who have different nationality, color of skin and religion. They leave digital traces.