Spies were removed for a moment, they are back with the same activities, step by step, I am nearer to my private revenge

Tuesday evening, I found bottles in 2 classrooms, the rest was cleaned by Nazi students from student’s organizations.

Later when I was going to sleep, there were no spies, no criminals.
They were removed, but the problems were not removed (sissy angels still fuck women I liked, my health is still damaged, etc).

Wednesday morning on my way to the city: one moped driver, one African snitch, then 2 police cars, then 2-3 Muslims on my way to Frederiksberg. So, the CIA helps to the PET and FE-DDIS to bring spies back, therefore, they sent CIA Muslims.

Today they have 20 classrooms in Solbjerg Plads full with bottles and food, later I will see if they will remove all of that, only in this one day I could take 500-1000 dkk bottles. Spies sent their snitch to collect bottles again, I saw him on the ground-floor 2pm.

So, the spies were removed one night, but they are back with the same activities like before, today I will buy balaclava and I recorded already some students, as I said, I will have to follow them when they go home in the next two weeks, parallel with that, when it is not rainy, I will observe Maersk. They are not any students, they are Hitler Jugend, Maersk is not any kind of rich family, they are financiers of racism, but in my case, it is my private revenge, students poisoned my drinks and they keep me poor to get passed exams with the help of PET, Maersk also paid Lars Johan Findsen to use chemical castration against me. The same those who are Nazis, they are used against me, by Lars Johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen.

racist snitch coming again and again