Spies, their cops and criminals continue to poison and irritate immigrants to produce an attack

Danish Nazi spies continue with provocations, especially Thomas Ahrenkiel who took the money from Maersk. Today is Wednesday, they sent again old Nazi military snitch to Frederiksberg to pass beside me with a bike, but they sent and other spies, to protect him if I attack him. Danish pussies get fear from one Serb.
In the morning 5 a.m., somebody kicked house 2 times, to wake me up, the night before also 5 a.m., somebody was talking beside the house, to wake me up. They cut my sleeping to make me more nervous during the day and to push me to attack people. In any case, it was clear Nazi extremism, the wind was 50km/h and this night was and raining and they came 5 a.m. to the house I sleep, to wake me up. Nazi retards.
Tuesday also Nazi cops were sent to irritate me, they followed me every meter, with the same purpose, to push me to attack. Tuesday night they sent their pussy criminals and Nazi PET agents. As I said, all of them make money from drugs together and all of them coordinate against immigrants: pussy angels, the cops, the PET and FE-DDIS agents.
Tuesday they poisoned me again, I was hardly driving my bike, I had tiredness in all my body muscle. Today it was little better but still it was hard to drive bike. They continue to poison immigrants, that’s the reason they corrupted Pernile Skipper and other members of the Oversight.

Because of such corruption, they can manufacture terrorist attacks and cases (arrest).

Young Muslim girl, now 16 years old, attacked prison guard with broken glass, she is charged for terrorism and guards working for the secret service irritate her or poisoned her, to make her crazy. I suppose the PET agents wanted to produce terrorist attack, but American captain Bradley Grimm in Iraq fucked up their plan, he informed Danes about the attack, and they had to arrest her before she kills people. One option is that this American fucked up their plan to produce terrorist attack. Second option is that this American is just imagined figure to cover their spies who set up this girl to get/manufacture explosive and be arrested. They must cover spies who worked for them against this girl. All of them are free, only 15 years old girl was arrested before one year, that’s bullshit. Now they make her crazy in the prison. Her court appearances have been held behind so-called ‘double-locked doors’, meaning all information is withheld from the media and the public. Therefore, they corrupted Oversight members: to make colonial propaganda and racist propaganda against immigrants and Muslims, with the aim to militarize Denmark and implement totalitarian system. The truth is visible in charges: she is charged with having made preparations to make a bomb and for having planned a test explosion. As you can see: “preparations” and “planned test”, it means she didn’t have really explosive, even she didn’t make a test than she planned to do it. Bullshit case, hidden from the public. It means she downloaded manuals from the Internet, she planned to try to make a test, but she never did it. She was arrested possibly for buying ingredients that are just publicly accessible chemicals. It means, it is not against the law. They constructed the whole case, just because she became a Muslim and she supported verbally anti-colonist resistance in occupied Muslim countries. Nazi colonist spies make revenge against 15 years old girl because she converted to Islam in the time when Denmark kill Muslims to steal energy resources from them, and this girl was against it. Clear constructed case and such construction is “working” because of corruption of the Oversight’s members. It is like that you have benzine and bottles in your house and the police charge you that you wanted to build molotovs and attack prime minister. Even benzine and bottles are not against the law. They create the whole case and they close it for the public. That’s colonial politics and its following repression against resistance, and Pernille Skipper is part of it. They catch kids and make revenge against them if they are resisting to the war that brings profit to the billionaires that finance political parties. The war is business and if you are against it, they will charge you for terrorism. Even in the time of war against Vietnam, the FBI listed anti-war groups as domestic terrorists and on the basis of that, they spied them i.e. they destroyed their private life. Shame for Pernille who is theoretically a leftist, she took the money from the PET Nazis and she supports them. It is the same when she knows they poisoned me, she took the money and can’t do anything against them. Colonists use corruption to be able to do shit. The life of this young girl is destroyed thanx to corruption.

The CIA monkeys that manage arms industry are still making propaganda against Trump and Melania, to make their life hellish. They are the same those who corrupted Danish prime Minister and Minister of defense, to sell arms and make money, in that process they continue to make propaganda against Russia.