Spies exploit terrorist attack in Manchester to build a totalitarian state and to profit, Trump works for his enemies, the CIA got my blood example

Well, in the time of the last terrorist attack in Sweden, spies in several countries misused terrorist attack to unite people behind the government’s colonial politics and to spread paranoia and convince society that it is necessary to make bigger repression and keep society under control. It is visible very well, terrorism is misused to build totalitarian state. Spies and their journalists even especially misuse feelings of people because of the attack against kids. All spies are activated to give statements in the public and misuse this attack to justify bigger repression. Pernille Skipper is one of the spies that condemned this attack in Manchester, but she never condemned Danish or British colonial politics. Communist party in Denmark protest against the war, socialist Enhedslisten is not protesting against the war, every time I visited protest against the war, I saw only communists, I never saw EL members and speakers.
If EL wants to stop terrorism, they must stop Rasmussen, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Lars JOhan Findsen, Finn B. Andersen and the CIA i.e. Lockheed Martin (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Kellog, McCain, etc). But it is bloody circus, they pretend to be some Hollywood actors in a horror movie, they cheat society, they bully and poison Muslims and immigrants and they are loud in the media against terrorism. Dirty and ill, but what else to expect from people who are greedy for money and money is the only reason they are in politics…

Trump also visited Saudi Arabia, he is doing everything counter than he promised before the election, if you want to know what they will do after the election, just watch what they speak, it will be contra. It is the same case with Macron, the new French president corrupted by the CIA. He even worked in the bank of the CIA family: Rothschild. Maybe Macron was the connection between the CIA and Francois Hollande, the same as Fogh Rasmussen can be the CIA connection with Danish politicians. In any case, Trump made an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $100 billion for the next 10 years, that’s $10B per year, the Saudis will buy arms from Lockheed Martin. Then I visited political discussion forums from the USA and I saw, despite Trump made a deal for Lockheed, the CIA continues to use a crowd of its spies to make propaganda against Trump. Something is wrong with Trump, he works for his enemies. For a deal of 100B, they should kiss him in the ass. They manipulate with him and he doesn’t see what they do. He doesn’t read the forums and doesn’t see the activities of spies against him. America as the state is privatized, if they kill Trump, private companies will overtake the role of the state and they will create disorder, to profit, if the state bankrupt, they don’t need to give back the debts they took from China and other countries. The U.S. debt to China is $1.059 trillion, as of February 2017. Obama, Bush and Clinton borrowed trillions to finance wars, i.e. to make Rumsfeld rich. Now private companies have led the US defense already 20 years and they got enough experience and economic power. These companies are owned by politicians and billionaires. In the case they want to bankrupt America, they will try to destroy Russia and China as they did in Libya, it was not about oil and gas, it was about creating disorder under their control, in such case, America will be No1 even if it is bankrupted and overtaken by private companies.
They count that the US bankruptcy will bring other economies down, the EU countries would be in disorder also and Chinese production would stop, they produce for the US/EU. China must increase the export to Latin America, Brazil is big and can be used for the export instead of the US/EU.

This Tuesday morning, I was again followed by military spies, and during the day by the CIA monkeys. It was too late 8;30 am to go to wait for Pernille.
Monday evening, I was followed by the PET cops, dirty cops that work for the secret service and take money from sissy criminals. I saw them minimum 3 times, for example AY 62 363, 7.47pm Grundtigsvej.

Monday 6 p.m. the CIA monkeys (Jamaicans) came to the clinic for immigrants when I was there, pretending they need a doctor, I suppose they wanted to take my blood example, to see how far they poisoned me and what they should do, I don’t think sold Danish traitors (the Oversight) will refuse the CIA. Why they didn’t wait for the results? Because I would not get my blood tested for poisons, so, they need to take an example of my blood to check it by themselves.
I said to doctor just that I gained weight, I didn’t want to speak about testicles, pills for chemical castration, spies, etc. She checked my blood for sugar and blood cells and it was okay, I don’t have diabetes, but she told me to come after one week for another blood test “they could not do it”. It means she gave the time to spies to change the situation in my blood, this example of the blood they took last night, they can check it for poison traces and do some counter measures. They have one week time to do it. The next week, I give blood and then one week more I must wait to get the results, possibly she will do blood tests to check my liver, because I said I have a problem with my heart when I eat sugar, oil, and I gained 20kg weight in 3 months. I will see if they will make the test about hormones.
In any case, they will not check my blood for any poison, therefore, I didn’t go to them earlier, I know I can’t get a professional examination if I don’t pay by myself, and again, spies would visit any clinic I visit, so, even if I pay, it doesn’t mean anything.
If Danish Nazi spies and the CIA developed a tumor in my liver or pancreas, I can’t get medical treatment without a health insurance. Therefore, they kept me so many years without a job and they poisoned me. They are sure I can’t avoid tumor or any other shit they do. And Pernille and others helped them to poison immigrants. They are Nazis that are organized against immigrants, including bribing members of the Oversight. 3 years I had tiredness in my muscle when I took the food in Stengade 40, but if I visited some other place to eat, I didn’t have any problem. Then they sent their spies in Sigurdsgade, catholic sisters, then I got problems there, then I visited Nansensgade every day and started to have problems there, before June/July 2016, I never had a problem with the food in Nansensgade, in June they brought spies to work there. As I said, they can poison me one time in 3 months, to block the work of my liver or pancreas, after that they just prepare fat/oil food every day. That’s enough to produce a heart attack.

The Serb in Sheveningen custody, Ratko Mladić, is half dead these days, the judges refused to let him to visit doctors in Russia. The Serbian government and spies still let the CIA prison cook or guards to poison Serbs, although he had problems and before custody, but when he was free, he could get a proper medical care. Mladić was Serbian military general in the Republic of Srpska. Mladić is also the victim of shitty spies who allowed separation of Yugoslavia, if they did their job, there would be no war, Yugoslavia would be still the whole country and Mladić would be a free man.