Spies continue with provocations, opposition boycott parliament, protest to protect our rivers

28 January spies continued with provocations at every step and they sent more than 50 spies, to make thir salaries bigger. They do any shit they can, to irritate me. Of course, as a result of their behavior, I collected information about “extremists”, so, I will send them information about address of Vučić and faces of his spies around his home. To prevent Serbian spies to stop it, I will send information to “extremists” in the region, they are not infiltrated by Serbian secret service as domestic “extremists” could be.

There is good news in Serbia, actor Sergej Trifunović became new leader of the movement of free citizens (PSG) and sold dirty elite started to leave that movement, now his job is to widespread protest in Serbia, to negotiate with soldiers and cops to support protesters and not Serbian criminal president, to meet people in PSG to see their caracter and who is good and who is shit. His job is to be manager, to recognize caracter of people and to chose the right person for the right job.

The second good news is that more and more Serbian opposition is united in boycotting Serbian parliament and local parliaments. I think they should create parallel parlaiment and work in that way. The next step is to make protests in more cities and to negotiate with soldiers and cops who are not too much dirty, dirty people can’t be saved and there is no negotiations with them, for example with the head of the secret service who used criminals against opppositional leaders. Some people must finish in the prison and their property must be confiscated. The head of Serbian spies is financial criminal, therefore, he got that position from criminal president. They can steal the money together and use criminals against opposition.

When I edit video from the last Saturday I will publish it, Čedomir Čupić had good speech, he is in pension but he was professor of political science and in the agency for fight against corruption, he knows how to speak. On Sunday there was also protest against mini hydro power plants, against destruction of the nature, many people visited protest, and we had what to hear from speakers. As I know, renewable energy is business of the president and PM, they steal the money because of subventions connected with production of such energy. They make themselves rich, godfather of Vučić (Nikola Petrović) was also director of EMS which gave license for building power plants, and Nikola had personaly several plants in his ownership. Protest was nice despite of bad weather, some media says there were around 5000 protesters.