Spies continue to take money from drugs and to protect sissy criminals, Lars Johan Findsen produces shooting

Today, Tuesday 19th Sept. 2017, I visited Taastrup and spies informed pussy criminals about it, so, later I was followed by young supporters of sissy criminals. It means, spies take care that criminals know if I want to attack any of them, they can prepare themselves and kill me before I kill them. That’s tactic of Lars johan Findsen and Finn Borch Andersen, they send spies to follow me with motorcycles, they pretend they are sissy criminals, they told to criminals to fuck women I liked, to provoke conflict i.e. attack, then pussy criminals can kill me in self defense. But to provoke such event, Finn and Findsen must let me to get a gun. And when I get it, I can cheat them the same as they cheat me. Sissy criminals and bitches from Rosenorns Alle can be target No2 or No5, they don’t need to be target No1. Beside criminals, they can also use the cops to shoot me. The time will show who will cheat whom.

As usual, and today Las Johan Findsen sent 5 moto spies to pretend they are criminals. Every time I went on the street, they were coming.

I will continue to contact Serbian patriots who hate west Europe and NATO, there are many, 90% of criminals in Serbia hate west Europe, they are totally opposite to “Serbian” pussies in Copenhagen. Danish spies can try to use Serbian spies, but we will see if they will succeed, as I said, Finn and Findsen have the interest to let me to get a gun. They produce stroke, heart attack or shooting.

Monday and Sunday evening I was followed by Lebanese with cars, when I was going to sleep, they work for security companies that work for the secret service. I will have to see if I have addresses of owners or the main managers of G4S. During the day, the situation was the same about university and bottles, they continue to send their snitches to take bottles in all 3 buildings: betjente, students, Romanians (CIA), police and security snitches.

Some registration plates from the last 2 days: BS 29869, BJ 85319, HJ 16987 enghavevej, and today one moto snitch HP 10402.

Lockheed Martin and the CIA started to use their media in Serbia to attack Aleksandar Vulin, Serbian Minister of Defense who is pro Russian and of course, he will never order weapons from the US arm manufacturers, he will not make propaganda against Russia, etc. It is true that Vulin is the same as other politicians: finansial criminal, but it is clear they attack only politicians that are pro Russian. All other politicians are the same as Vulin, they have flats 250 – 350 000 Eur and their salary is 800-1000 Eur. Only Vulin is attacked: how he bought so expensive flat? Unfortunately, Russia doesn’t use the same methods against pro American politicians, the Prime Minister Ana Brnabic worked in USAID 9 years, she works for the CIA and her brother has shares in IT company that is also partly owned by EBRD and this IT company always get contracts with the Government, more than 30 million Eur per year. She is also mixed in renewable energy together with president, that’s how they started to work together, both are financial criminals.

Serbian media speak about president talking with many politicians at the UN summit, but 90% politicians with whom he spoke are corrupted by the CIA, only Russian Lavrov was exception and maybe Kurz. He spoke with Norway PM, Swedish PM, Romanian president, Slovenian PM, Croatian PM, Bosnian PM, Montenegrin president, Austrian foreign ministry Kurz, president of Egypt, Stoltenberg (NATO).