Spies continue to push me to spend money that is not mine, they misuse network admins to make immigrants criminal even when we are not, they misuse network of collaborators to widespread racism in society

Wednesday 20th Sept 2017, spies organized their snitches to take bottles from all 3 CBS buildings. I found only 2 bottles in Dalgas Have and I took the rest of bottles from one seminar room. Two seminars were already cleaned from bottles, I made photos. It means spies still push me to stay poor and to spend money that is not mine i.e. they create the basis for criminals to attack me, to kiss spies in the ass. Considering pussy criminals work for spies against me, of course, I am happy to spend their money, if they help me to make my revenge, they don’t lose money, I will do what I should do, but not before I make revenge for myself. They lose money temporary, until they help me to make revenge, if they refuse to help, they lose the money i.e. I will be arrested if I make revenge as amateur with a knife or with my hands. I will spend today 70 Eur for the server in Russia for one year, my hosting is soon finished and the prices are higher so I had to find cheaper server in Russia, I will renew my domains also, 20 eur more, and I will pay 100 Eur programmers to make some pages for me. All of that could be paid by collecting bottles, but, Pernille and other members of the oversight let spies to keep me poor and to push me to spend money that is not mine. I should find 50dkk bottles per classroom, there are 20 classrooms only in one building, so, in theory I should take 1000 dkk per day (130 eur). There are 20 000 students at the CBS, therefore, spies take care that I don’t find bottles. When I walk beside classrooms, I see crowd of students drink water, 30 of them in each classroom, not only 3 students in the whole building, but when I walk around later, I find 3 bottles in the whole building. In any case, if criminals attack me, I attack automatically Pernille in her stomack, with my hands, I don’t need knife or gun to kick her in stomack.

In the evening, I was followed by spies and pussy criminals, I made some photos. Spies again misused teens, this time to catch fish 11:30pm in the night in Sluseholmen. Maybe they are misused by G4S, but it is the same, G4S is public face for the secret service.

Thursday morning, they sent 2 moto spies + one moped, 8am in the classroom came 2 network administrators “to do something with computer”, the real reason was that I used Tor and they suck dick of PET and FE-DDIS agents. Secret service collaborators participate in racism, the same as bus drivers in the US who pushed black people to sit in the last part of the bus. You don’t do anything criminals, but they make you a criminal, because they are racists. Tor is not illegal, even if I visit websites where they sell drugs, I don’t do anything criminal, it is like to visit Christiania without to buy or sell drugs. Therefore, I visited 5 classrooms, I installed Tor, it will start automatically each time Windows starts. It is like that black people left black toys on sitting places of 5 buses in which drivers are racists. Such drivers got a job because they sucked dick of racist FBI agents, and CBS network admins got a job after they sucked dick of racist PET and FE-DDIS agents. The FBI agents can’t widespread racism without misusing their network of collaborators, it is the same in Denmark.

Today I will spend my time installing my new server and I need to transfer my blog there. VPS 4GB RAM, 40GB HDD, 2 cores CPU (from 6 cores), 420 rubles per month, that’s 6 Eur. Good deal.

So, G4S HQ in Denmark is located at Roskildevej 15, 2620 Albertslund, the human resources manager is obviously employing PET spies as G4S workers and they are misused for racism against immigrants. HR manager is Louise Voss Nygaard. Her chief is administrative director: Ole Knudsen, he is also part of racist PET schema. Director for guards is Julian Rudland (Horsbred 148, 2625 Vallensbæk).