Spies continue to provoke me and to prevent me to profit, thoughts about studying the law or political science, professors are collaborators of spies, they should be lustrated

Well, spies finally succeeded to make me sick, the last week they sent morons to caough beside me or toward me, and Friday I become little sick, now more and more. But it is 20 degrees outside, so, I think the disease can’t develop itself seriously. I read news that more than 170 people died in Romania from influenza, and I was thinking that spies are stupid, they didn’t make me sick from influenza, and now they succeeded. Even in this moment while I write, one bitch went out from the toilet in the library and was coughing behind my back toward me. She was 2 meter behind me. They spy what I type on computer. When I am at spies, I found very good text to read, I recommend it to all: Cointelpro, spying and disruption.

Last days spies activated again teens to try to set me up, and they prevented me to make money. I got the job to do on freelancer website, 6000 USD, to find developers to make VPN Windows software with C++ and website and vpn server, but all developers I contacted never answered or they refused the job. In the end, I found one company to do it, but they demanded 6000 Eur and 30% payment in advance. That’s so when spies spy my phone and internet communication, they know whom I contact and they sabotage my chance to profit. I planned to give to programmers 3000 USD and to take 3000 for myself, to pay studying and living expenses.

I should already start to prepare myself for immatriculation exam (history, Serbian language and constitution and rights of citizens), for the Faculty of law. This exam happens in June. They demand 99 000 Rsd (840 Eur) tuition fees for 2 semesters and 10 000 Rsd (84 eur) for immatricultion exam (this exam doesn’t exist in the EU than only in Serbia) and if I want preparation lectures for this exam, additional 10 000 Rsd. I found some books in libraries, I don’t need to buy it. I don’t have that money in any case, 840 Eur, so, I hoped I will pay it from this freelance job, but I had to cancel it because they demanded 6000 Eur and payment in advance.

There are plus and minus about Faculty of Law, I was interested for the law when I was young because I wanted to become a lawyer, I would choose crime section (judicial stream of studies), to become a lawyer, they have good profit even if the state is in bad conditions (increased criminality in the time of economic problems), but now, I would like to study the law theory (legal theory stream), just because of myself, not because of the lawyer job and good salary. I am now old to run for career and money. Bad things: studying is 4 years and professors are worse than before 20 years. When I studied in 1997/98, there was bigger freedom for students, now I visited the first semester and the beginning of second semester, many young professors kick out students from amphiteaters if they are late 5 minutes, but professors are often late 10 minutes. There is erosion of education in Serbia, our society finance education and professors give themselves the right to kick out students. There are many professors of the law who participate in the government working groups for the change of the law and they are also in political parties, so, they profit from the gov and they avoid politics at the faculty or they are good for the Gov. One Serbian student became professor at the University in the USA and she came and gave us a lecture about the US education, she said, there is much more politics at the Uni in the USA than in Serbia, it means our professors are good for the Gov, they avoid politics and they are not together with students against the president, as it is the case in the USA. So, mainly young professors make discipline for students. Several professors are good for the secret service also, they were active against my presence in amphiteaters, they made paranoia about me, to kiss spies in the ass, so, their diploma/degree and employment at the Uni is questionable, they got it because they work for the secret service. They can make problems for me when I become a student, when I try to pass exams in the future, they can work for spies against me, to turn me down at exams.

Here they are, erosion of education and spies who should be lustrated when the Gov is changed: Andreja Katančević (Roman Private Law) kicks out students, Goran Dajović does it also (Introduction in the Law), Tanasije Marinković (Constitutional Law in the second semester) also does it, Miodrag Jovanović (Introduction in the Law) is possibly collaborator of the secret service, Miloš Stanković (Comparative Legal Traditions) is collaborator of spies (and the candidate of the president Vučić for the Agency against corruption), in the second semester Danilo Vuković (sociology of the law) is collaborator of spies, one more professor of Intro in the Law, I think his name is Bojan Spaić, I think he is Montenegrin and “neutral” about politics or better said, he is not Serb and doesn’t give a shot for Serbia and neutral means also good for the Gov, beside it, Montenegrin spies can ask him to sabotage my studying by the order of the NATO/CIA. He was trying to convince me that I am not so smart about the law and that it is not for me, when I answered questions during lectures. All in all, I am now interested for the theory of the Law, because I am older, this faculty accepts 1250 students, more than other faculties, although it was more than 2200 before 20 years, professors are now worse than before 20 years, many are working for the Gov/spies, Faculty of Law has more subjects than other faculties. There are 7 subjects in the first year, and 7 in the second, 7+1 in the third year, 6+1 in the forth year +1 skill +1 practice/internship. And then you have just LL.B. degree, you must go one year to practice to be able to pass an exam to become a lawyer or judge, etc.

Beside it, I thought maybe it is better to study Political Science, it is shorter (6 semesters, the law is 8 semesters) and there are less exams, 5 exams per semester + 1 foreign language, but Political Science accepts only 140 students for International stream of studies and 100 for politicology stream of studies, tuition fees are 110 000 Rsd but if you get social help and you don’t have parents you can get 100% reduce of the payment, it means, you can study for free, there is no such thing at the Faculty of Law. I checked subjects, they teach students to become diplomats, good for the state/gov, that’s something I don’t like but it is the state university in any case, you can’ty expect anything better from them. Then you get degree of politicologist, it means, you will work in the state aparatus and political parties, eventually you can make your own NGO or company for political consulting. There is plus and minus as always. I contacted them to ask them if I can try to pass immatriculation exams without to pay (history, sociology, constitution and the rights of citizens). My interest is that there is no immatriculation exam, the same like in Europe, but nobody discuss about it in Serbia.