Spies continue to prolong my court process and some countries kiss the CIA in the ass

Well, already 6 months forensics is not coming to my court process, since October, and my lawyer said possibly he will not come in June. So, spies continue to manipulate with my court process, to kiss the CIA in the ass, with the support of Serbian president. As I said, for me, the only important thing is to start to read history, I don’t care for their court process, they do it to limit/intimidate me about finding job, make political movement, going abroad. I don’t hurry up, I plan to study 3 years in any case. I am just surprised how much some countries allowed to China and Serbia to manipulate with them and to keep them away from me. Now I get harder pain in my stomach, still I can’t get medical help, spies prevent me to hitchhike, to get a job, etc. I must go more times to another city to get a doctor and it will cost me. On 30 April I renew my social help and then I will b able to go to immatriculation exam and try to become student, in the end of June. I will see how spies will prevent it, they can only put me in the prison. Because of rules about tuition, it is not my interest now to find a job because I would have to pay 1000 Eur tuition for studying. Stupid capitalist system.

Tomorrow, 13 April, we have general gathering of protesters from the whole Serbia in Belgrade , 3pm in front of parliament, but some shitty oppositional leaders already said there will be no revolution and every violent act “is provocation of people who work for Serbian president”. So, spies infiltrated oppositional parties and they try to control protesters, to prevent revolution. They make spin that other people are provocateurs, but in fact, they work for spies and therefore they are in politics and opposition. As always, pigs sell themselves for money. I will go tomorrow and if they don’t make revolution, I don’t go anymore. I will not protest in order that some idiots get career and become the government. They want positions without to put their ass in the fire. Here are some videos from protests in the past, March and April 2019.