Spies continue the same like before, but criminal president is going down, the opposition radicalize protest

Well, the last week, I was followed by spies (who protect the president) and their criminals, then on Friday again old spies who don’t protect mentioned criminal and traitor. So, on Friday, female swimming teacher tried to turn other workers against me. I had no time to go to the street Kneza Viseslava to push security of daughter of criminal president to change the route of driving. In any case, spies continue with propaganda, intimidation, discreditation.

The same they did against Sergej, the actor who widespread protest against the president. The media worked for spies against him, he visited many cities and spoke against Vučić. Spies found their man near to Sergej and this man attacked Ksenija, one of people who organize protest against Vučić, and Sergej pretended he doesn’t know his name, many saw it as his support for the attacker.

Saturday and Sunday I got a job to participate in a movie and I could not go to the protest. It is in the process of radicalization. On Saturday they broke into national TV, RTS, and 2 men who make funny things came with motor/chain saw, on Sunday they are arrested with some more people. On Sunday, the president made conference about breaking into TV and protesters came to block him around his office, he could not go out several hours, he played chess in his office, he went away after protesters walked away to the police station to demand freedom for arrested people. 6 pm protest finished, just in the moment I came there. Tomorrow, oppositional leaders will decide about repeating protest if arrested people are still in the prison. Although I am leftist, I believe that nationalist Boško will bring people who are ready to make revolution, I believe that Djilas is part of the system and he tries to save spies and dirty system. In any case, radicalization began, it will continue until all protesters from the whole Serbia are brought to Belgrade in the beginning of April, the present situation is warming up the situation. Now during the week I may not work, so, I can visit the protest. The ruling politicians and their media give classic propaganda in the media, possibly spies advice them, but it will not work, they repeat the same scheme from the time of Milošević and he fell down. Spies create autocracy for the president, together with a team of people from his party, he is too busy to do it personally. They kiss him in the ass to make themselves rich, they make propaganda and control society. He is travelling and meetimg politicians and businessmen, while they do the job for him. The head of spies Bratislav Gašić is the most responsible for the creation of autocracy, for propaganda, discreditation and attacks. The last week was full of their discreditation, attacks and arrests.

As I see, Makron will use bigger repression against protesters too. It will be the begining of his end.

Some video and photos from Belgrade, first time I embed facebook videos, let’s see how to do it, it is made by Danas journalists…
I will have to include it tomorrow…