Several attacks in several countries in one day, that’s the work of the CIA

The Monday evening, after I sent an email to the Minister of Justice, I was followed by Danish PET spies, they used cars at every cross to drive fast behind my ass. The cops were also present or spies used cars with dark glasses. In any case, Finn B. Andersena and Thomas Ahrenkiel continue to provoke and irritate immigrants, to push us to hate and kill Danish citizens. They create attacks to profit from that. The same as German spies, again, they produced attack in Germany, together with the CIA.

The CIA (concretely Phebe Novakovic) is supporting Danish spies to use criminals against me, I used yesterday my chance to inform criminals about Phebe Novakovic. Danish politicians supported Finn Andersen to use criminals against me, I used my chance yesterday to inform some people in Southern Europe about Danish (and Serbian) politicians.

The CIA, supported by Turkish spies and German spies, organized all things that happened yesterday in several countries. Only they can organize several attacks in the same day in different countries, and to be able to do it, they had to corrupt Merkel and the heads of secret services in Germany, and other countries.

The first and most important, Russian ambassador was killed by Turkish cop “because of Aleppo”. The killer is dead, they closed his mouth to prevent investigation to make some results. The Russians think that someone (CIA) wanted to destroy good relations between Turkey and Russia. I think that Erdogan played on 2 cards, American and Russian card, but Russia abolished any chance to make the Caliphate and Erdogan help to the CIA to make revenge against Russia. Erdogan and the CIA wanted to separate Syria to create a pipeline from Qatar to Europe. The Caliphate was a product of the CIA and Erdogan. Turkish and EU media made propaganda against Russia about Aleppo, the media are working for the secret service. The CIA and Turkish spies also found someone who was “disturbed” because of media propaganda about Aleppo and they convinced him to attack the Russian ambassador. That’s what Danish spies did with Omar El-Hussein in Copenhagen, spies infiltrated his life and instigated/convinced him to shoot Jews. Then the attacker was shot by the cops and the future investigation can’t get information who instigated/convinced attacker to attack (Jews and not some others, for example). Turkish cop surely spoke to his colleagues that he wanted to kill Russians, so, Turkish spies surely knew of him and convinced him to do it. Then they killed him and closed his mouth. In any case, the Russians must decide if it was only the CIA or Erdogan together with the CIA. I believe, it is the job of Putin to make peace, it is job of military intelligence to answer on this attack in which their ambassador died the same as the pilot in the past. Erdogan didn’t kill the ambassador, they misused hot-head man to do it. Russian GRU can do the same, it is not the job of Putin to kill anyone, it is the job of GRU to find hot-head and to use him. The FSB is busy with making money from drugs, therefore they must be good for Danish spies, only GRU can protect Russia from America and other colonist countries.

Second attack yesterday was made by Pakistani refugee, 23 years old, in Berlin. He used stolen truck to drive it on the crowd at the market for x-smass, 10 people are dead and 48 injured. He came to Germany in February 2016, German spies spied him and irritated him, discriminated him, until he became enough full of hate to kill. Possibly they put something in his food too. All refugees are spied and some of them are misused to produce terrorist attacks. Spies prepare food for refugees. Accident? Nope. This is not the first refugee to become mad and kill. German spies never stopped to be Nazis, they financed NSU and helped to NSU to kill 10 immigrants. Now, together with the CIA, they harass immigrants until they kill. Nazi spies target refugees, to increase fascism (pegida) and produce a bigger insecurity i.e. a bigger profit. Then they misuse attacks to order military equipment from the US, to militarize the country and the police, to justify mass spying and bigger repression against society, to implement the totalitarian system. For the next year (budget), German politicians give 300 or 400 million Eur more to the secret service than before. Terrorism is profitable? Yes, it is, in/security is business, they don’t give a shit for society, they care only about money.

Danish media are sent by the head of secret service to Berlin to make a TV reportage about this attack, Finn B. Andersen exploits attacks in other countries to justify making bigger repression in Denmark, to convince society that “in the name of fighting terrorism, people should accept building of totalitarian system”, it means profit for Danish spies and for the CIA (defense contractors who produce weapons and security systems). The only problem is that Finn is part of the CIA creation of insecurity and he doesn’t give a shit for society, he is also harassing immigrants to produce attacks, he cares only about money, the same as German spies.

Yesterday, in Wiesbaden there was a robbery of a small shop (kiosk) and the robber killed one person and wounded two. There is bullshit money in a small shop, and usually such robbers have no balls to kill people, it is not an ordinary robbery and it can be a criminal that work for the secret service i.e. he helps them to create insecurity, to profit from that. The same as Hells Angels threw hand grenade against Black Army in Herning. HA gold members are working for the secret service and they help them to create insecurity, there was increasing number of shootings in the last several months, all of that was done by criminals working for the PET. Black Army are Danish people of color, Danish citizens who are called immigrants because they are not “original” Danes.

One more attack happened by the Nazi in Zurich, the attacker shot and wounded 3 people in the Somalian Islamic Center, near to the place at some bridge, the cops found a dead body and the gun, now they say it was the attacker. The shooter could find any person and kill him and leave the gun in the hand of the dead person. In that way, Swiss spies help to their Nazi to escape the punishment for attempted murder based on ethnicity and religion.

I believe all these attacks are organized by the CIA, especially in big countries like France and Germany, they have money to order billions worth military equipment, even small Denmark will order military equipment worth 50 billion dkk (7B Eur). As long as Americans profit, they will organize terrorist attacks. When attacks are realized by Anti-Assad (Caliphate, ISIS) Muslims, the CIA use Turkish spies to realize terrorist attacks. The CIA is using Turkey to be connected with Caliphate Muslims. The CIA wanted to use ISIS even to sabotage Al-Qaeda (to take over its members) and to locate leaders of Al-Qaeda, but they didn’t succeed to do it. In any case, to profit, the CIA can let Muslims to size some territory or to do this or that, but in the end, it is all about profit. The CIA profit from insecurity, when America bankrupt, there will be peace in this world. It looks that Europe will be bankrupt very soon, Americans will own the whole Europe. Then China will have to slow down production and they will be in a crisis and Trump is now officially elected by electors, so, there will be black days for Europe and China. The root of destabilization of Europe is corruption done by the CIA (American banks), China and Russia have the interest to dethrone Hollande, Merkel, and all others that took the money from American banks.