Serbian spies poisoned me again, they brought their sissy criminals to follow me, Muslims killed in Sri Lanka 3 Danish billionaires

It looks spies sent one woman to Kalemegdan to sit beside me and give me chocolate, today I have again problem with tiredness in muscle and pressure in head, the same like in Denmark. They make me alergic on fat and sugar, so, I get problems whatever I eat, fat and sugar are in all food.

Today, dirty spies brought their sissy criminals to follow me together with spies. I will start to record and publish their faces.

One big thing happened, terrorists are usually not politically educated but they understand what means war for oil and war crimes, consequently they make revenge, usually they do stupid things like killing ordinary people for whom western governments don’t care, but this time terrorists succeeded to hit in the heart of colonial capitalism: in more suicide attacks in Sri Lanka, 3 members of Danish Hoch Povlsen billionaire family were killed. Danish billionaires together with American banks finance Rasmussen to send soldiers and kill Muslims, to steal their energy resources, to make rich people richer, Danish spies target Danish and foreign Muslims, Danish military spies make racist war propaganda and poison Danish Muslims in Danish prisons, and instead to make rich people richer, they brought Muslim revenge to Danish billionaires, rich people die, sponsors of Rasmussen die. Of course, Maersk family is the biggest Danish war profiters, but the CIA help to the US banks/riches to overtake oil department of Maersk family, they sold it because they managed their company in bad way, they lost billions. In any case, this is big damage for Danish billionaires who got death instead of profit. They should stop to finance Rasmussen.