Serbian spies continue to provoke me

This morning 6 a. m. Serbian spies sent 2 thieves to destroy barricades I made in the hall of the building where I sleep, to stop me to sleep and to come to my room to see if there is something to steal. Their excuse was they hide their things in one room and had to come inside, but the building is big with 2 floors and they had no reason to hide it near to me, they had no reason to push my door, I put furniture on the door to block it, to prevent spies to send their thieves to steal my things while I sleep. Today spies also sent their snitches to cough strong toward me, I just recorded pig who was coughing strong and he turned his head toward me, this pig gets money from spies to do it while 700 000 people in Serbia have no job and 35 000 get only one meal per day. In any case today I am little sick, they succedded to make me sick. Now I go to sit beside building of Milica Vucic one hour and then I go to protest 4pm and then 6pm, until 8pm.

19.1. 2019 snitch Rajiceva