Serbian spies and the CIA obviously plan to create distrust and disinformation, they still work together against some countries, spies also record me because they are stupid

It looks serbian spies again informt he CIA what is happening, possibly the CIA will try to create disinformation and distrust. I got the US army woman on my facebook profile and I was asking myself what is purpose of that? The purpose is distrust and disinformation, to remove some countries from me. That’s the idea of Serbian spies and the CIA. I will see what this woman want, but possibly she is there just to create distrust.

Serbian criminals also try to continue to work for spies and to set me up, last several days, possibly they sent one Roma to sleep in my part of the building even there are many rooms in other parts, I thought he was sent directly by spies, but criminals do the job for spies. The problem is if he works for spies, he can also try to use some gas against me. He can also sleep inside to avoid barricades I make, in that way, he can open barricades for somebody during the night and another person can do something against my health. Serbian spies and the CIA will try to poison me, therefore, whoever gave them any information, had intention to help them to damage myhealth or any options related to me.

I suppose spies are afaraid somebody will help me to make political movement, they started again to record with phones that I am poor, they are stupid and they believe that people will give a vote only for riches, but in Serbia, people hate riches the same like in Bulgaria for example. So, “Beli/White” got 10% of votes at the elections, even he is poor, he drives old car worth 500 Eur. Serbian spies are definetly stupid, therefore, Yugoslavia separated and Serbia lost Kosovo, we have the most stupid spies in the world, they are criminals, they know how to smuggle cigarrettes, they have no knowledge about their official job. Now they hope, the CIA will help them.

On the one side, they collaborate with the CIA against me (and some countries), because my case has international caracteristics, on the other side, Serbian spies and their media make propaganda against American ambassador, because Vučić visited him to get the US on his side, but protest against Vučić continued and now Vučić and spies make problems for the US ambassador. Vučić is falling in any case. They tried to misuse my case to kiss the US in the ass, but it is not working.

There is nothing new in Serbia, protest is becoming weaker, people expected revolution, but opposition didn’t do it, I have no money to build small wood house for myself, I would need to pay transport and to but some tools which are too expensive for me. All together I needed 8 books to prepare for imatriculation exam (history 4 years, sociology, constitution and civil rights), and it was too expensive, so, I became meber of national library for 2 eur, for 3 days, that’s enough to scan all books with my smartphone. Then I can read it. In the time of Tito, people could buy books and prepare themselves for studying, int his present capitalist nationalist Serbia, higher stalege/class enjoy while majority of society is living in shit. Poor must stand up against the higher stalege, but poor don’t want to be support present dirty opposition, opposition is also higher class.