Serbian secret service and the PM destroyed the strike of Fiat workers, Serbs will migrate more and more, don’t buy Fiat cars, dick-sucking criminals followed me this weekend, Danish spies do everything that I stay in DK

The strike of Fiat workers in Serbia is destroyed by the financial criminals: Serbian secret service and the Prime Minister. Sold syndicate accepted the offer of Fiat Mussolini managers to increase the salaries for just 30 Eur, from 320 Eur to 350 Eur. Don’t buy Fiat cars. Serbian secret service must be dismantled and politicians must be arrested, together with Mussolini managers who didn’t respect the law of Serbia about the strike. The pigs are financial criminals and they are together against our citizens, the same like in Denmark about my case. This morning I am followed by Serbian spies who suck Danish dick and used Serbian criminals against me in the past, they make money from drugs together, they included also Chinese and Russian spies in the drug business. Denmark became junkie country, thanx to Serbian and Danish spies who support their drug criminals.

This weekend, Danish and Serbian criminals followed me together, to suck dick of Flemming Drejer and Uffe Frank Stormly, the PET agents. And Chinese didn’t miss their chance to suck Danish and the CIA dick, to set me up, to get chance to make money from the import of drugs into Denmark. Danish spies do everything to make problems for me in the case I go back to Serbia, it means, they want that I stay in Denmark.

The financial criminal, the Minister of agriculture, Branislav Nedimović, speaks openly against the producers of raspberry, “the market decides about the price”, the producers get only one Eur per kilogram and the raspberry cost 15x more in the EU, for the end customers. The whole profit is taken by exporters (300 million Eur per year) who get mega rich and producers and workers stay poor. That’s the reason people relocate to Europe, they don’t want to live in Serbia. People stay poor, without consumer power, the whole industry stay poor i.e. all workers stay poor and they migrate to the other countries. That’s politics of Serbian government, of financial criminals. Therefore, Serbia has each year less unemployed people, because they relocate to another country, not because they found a job. 40 000 people per year migrate + some people die, then they say, the unemployment decreased.

Bitcoin value jumped already to 2350 Eur
, so, the chance to buy it cheap is gone. Maybe some DDoS attack on bitcoin servers could slow down BTC transactions and push the value down. But only rich players can do it. If I had 10M Eur, I could make 20 very fast.