Serbian pupils and students rise against criminal president, all parts of society participate more and more

Well, many arrested people are free from the custody, pupils too. PUF anounced they will go in politics because of this arrest, they have already registered association of citizens that will become now the basis for making political movement. Serbian opposition (Bosko) again got threats because he organize protest against criminal president. Serbian spies still treat oposition as terrorist organization, they discredit and intimidate opposition, spies misuse their job and they hope they will make a deal when Vucic fall down, some oppositional politicians are part of dirty system like Djilas and he started to promise to Gandarmerie that only individuals among them will be kicked out or arrested and not all of them. It would be good if he just cheat them but unfortunately I believe he will really make a deal with spies to work for him as they do for Vucic and he will save their ass. But there will be others to stop him, I hope so. In other case, we will get new Vucic. They do the same about RTS, they want to keep them and change only director and editors, it means they will use RTS the same as Vucic. All journalists in RTS should be arrested, and new ones should get a job, it is the same with state administration, they are the system, 500 000 of them, the state sector is full of dirty people.

Serbian pupils and students began to wake up and protest against criminal president, that’s their reaction to the arrest of young people last week. I gave the email advice to Serbian opposition to include pupils and students in protest, to organize road blocks and general strike, and we got radicalization of protest. That’s good, Serbian president set up elections with the help of secret service, then he sells Kosovo but also our citizens, as it is visible in my case, Serbian spies work for the CIA against me. The last week, spies sent their collaborators to include themselves in the building I live, they broke neon bulbes on the place I sleep, but I was lucky to step on glass and consequently clean my bed before I lay on it. On Thursday spies sent their sissy criminals, junkies, from Copenhagen, to hitchhike with me on the highway. I said to junkie Marko that some people set me up to get me deported, he understood about whom I speak, about pigs who paid him to come to the highway and hitchhike with me. Because of intimidation organized by spies against me, to kiss the CIA in the ass and get the credit for criminal president, on Friday I visited Kneza Viseslava street, the daughter of Vucic was already gone but I recorded the face of one spy seating in the car, so, it was useful to go there.
Here is the glass and video from protests.
Btw, this Saturday during protests in many cities, in Cuprija, the electricity for protest was sabotaged.