Serbian president continue to misuse spies and their media editors and journalists against the opposition

So, spies irritated me and I published faces of their co-spies, and again they continue to organize their snitches in all places I visit, so, i will have to send faces and information to some more people, to Albanians for example.

They continue to misuse females (teens and olders) by the order of the CIA, they send snitches to see if I will say anything bad about employer, to set me up, they continue to send snitches to caugh near to my face.

Now when I see that all NATO corrupted lobbyists in Serbia support Serbian president and not protesters, I believe it was intention of the CIA from the US embassy in Belgrade to make meeting with representative of protest, Anasonovic, to discredit her and help to the president who is good for the US/NATO about Kosovo. In any case, she should not meet any people from embassies than only ambassadors and she should meet ambassadors only together with oppositional leaders who also do it, then the CIA and Serbian spies will not be able to discredit protest. Serbian media who work for the president also make propaganda that opposition is fighting between themselves, editors try to convince society that opposition are bad guys who just fight for the power. Of course, I hope all this media will be shutted down when the president is gone, and editors should be lustrated, they should get a ban to work in the media sector. Now more than 60 cities protest against Serbian president and he will fall soon. Even priests started to come, to be together with people. But the church is still not lustrated, some priests can be punished by those who work for the secret service, for the president.