Serbian opposition is on the good road, but it could be better, the government still makes big repression, Serbian spies continue to work for the CIA, exploitation and mobbing in Serbian movie production

Let’s start with good news: Geneva (the city) passes resolution that Switzerland should give Julian Assange asylum.

Serbian opposition also made united document as a contract with society, they say they want to secure democracy after dethroning present ruler Aleksandar Vučić. People want to be sure they will not be the same as Vučić, some mechanism of control should be in place, how to secure democracy, etc. They wrote they want lustration, to kick out people who misued their job in the state institutions, but it is not enough, secret files of criminal secret service must be published, so, we can see who is their collaborator and make lustration about them too. In other case, the system will not be changed. People who worked for Milošević are still in state institutions and they continue to make banana state from Serbia, they just steal the money, that’s all they do. Serbia is banana country since 1991, since Milošević started with privatization. The war and privatization created disaster in Serbia. Many people misused their job or political connections to make themselves rich.

Beside good news, there are bad news too. But such things provoke people to stand up and fight against the government. 19 years old man was sent to custody by the police, prosecutor and investigation judge who work for the President and his secret service. This man had “hanging toy” at protest and they arrested him, now they even keep him 30 days in custody, spies will use criminals against him. Now opposition started to rise their voice to set this man free from the prison. In any case, I am not surprised that autocracy that strives to dictatorship increases repression against society. Serbian spies play big role in creating such system, they did it for Milošević, now they do it for Vučić. But as I said earlier, it is too late, Vučić will fall. Spies will try to secure “transition”, so, they cans ave their ass, they should be imprisoned for smuggling cigarettes, for killing PM Zoran Djindjić and jurnalist Slavko Ćuruvija.

In the last several days, spies are bringing female collaborators (mothers and their daughters younger than 18), it looks they want to set me up sexual scandal because I applied for membership in political movement PSG (the movement of free citizens). They want to prevent me to mix myself in politics. It means also, they will activate their collaborators inside of PSG, if I go to their office. I visited also projection of movies about occupation of factories by workers in Argentina, two times, it is organized by some “socialists” who made self-education “university”, but they are already infiltrated by spies and they started to turn people against me. I don’t care so much, more resources spies spend on me, less recources they will have for the others. I am not some important face, they make me important, so, other people can dethrone Vučić.

I participated as statist (“other crew”) in some movie serials in the last 2 months, and I could see mobbing in more places, and exploitation.  Producers are humiliating actresses, and the rest of the movie team is humiliating statists (other movie crew). In my case, as always, spies organize their snitches to make problems especially for me, but the movie crew has shitty behavior with all statists, not only with me, in many TV serials. First I thought it is snobism, they make hierachy who is above and who is down, but later I understood it is also capitalism: producers convince actresses that they are not good, they repeat the same shot/scene many times, it means, the actresses will not ask for bigger payment/salary. It is capitalist exploitation in the movie production, capitalists bully workers with the aim to give them smaller salary. It is the same if I go to some fast food restaurant, they will push me to cut 10kg tomato in one hour to convince me that I can’t do that job so good, it means I should be happy to get shitty salary and don’t get the idea to demand more. In any case, production companies are getting money from the Ministry of culture to produce movies, and they should not humiliate workers (actresses and other workers like “other crew”). Beside professional workers like technicians, there is other crew: dancers, fashion models, stunts, martial arts performers, special skills performers… many people participate in making some movie. The Ministry is co-financier of movies, Serbia doesn’t have rich people like the USA to finance movies, Serbian billionaires are not interested for that. Movie production companies get money of society, but they humiliate workers. I sent information about all of that to some investigative jurnalists who are not under control of spies, I will see if they will do something or they don’t care. Jurnalists are also part of TV and they know what is situation, but they never got the idea to make movie about movie production. There is mobbing and economic exploitation and some kind of snobism like in primitive societies in the medieval time. It is one more experience for me, I wanted to get practice in TV companies in any case, to learn about all parts of TV business, so, this is something similar, I can see how their program is made, including TV serials, movies, ads, etc. It is useful to know what’s happening in that sector. Shortly, typical capitalist feudal shit, even they get public money and they do shit. Today I read about the owners of media, but majority of media in Serbia are owned by big investment companies like KKR and EBRD, they have political connections and they can do whatever they want. Therefore, I am not surprised that there is exploitation and behavior like before 500 years.

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