Religion and profit, British spies organize Nazi Brits to attack Muslims, Theresa May attacks Internet freedom, faces of Danish spies

British spies organize Nazi Brits to attack Muslims, 3 Nazis were in the car that kicked Muslims when they went out from Mosque. 2 escaped and the driver is arrested. One Muslim is dead, 5 are wounded. The comic thing is that moderate Muslims are mostly spies and collaborators of the secret service, they are capitalist Muslims and crazy for money, therefore, they work against other people, and moderate Muslims could be going out from the Mosque, not those who would like to kill Brits. Therefore, even this looks like revenge of British Nazis against Muslims, British spies are behind Nazis and they want to provoke militant Muslims to attack again. Spies create bigger and bigger conflict, to profit from that. Spies don’t give a shit for moderate Muslims, they hate Muslims and they don’t have respect for traitors. Spies use Muslims against Muslims, but they hate them in any case. Imam is also a snitch, he protected Nazi driver from Muslims.

When I am at religion, the second news today is … The Vatican Bank (Institute for the Works of Religion) reported profit of 36 million Eur in 2016, and only 16M in 2015. This bank had 15 000 accounts in 2016, from religious communities and employees of Vatican, they implemented control of finances because of suspicious that mafia use this bank and closed 5 000 accounts. The capital for turning is 5.7 billion Eur. For me it is normal for a bank with 5.7B Eur to profit at least 10% per year, if not more, so, minimum 570M Eur yearly before taxes. I think they hide the profit. Beside it, this is not real wealth of the catholic church, only in one country in this world, Germany, this church gets 5 billion Eur per year from the state budget + 10 billions tax subsidies. That’s 15 billion Eur only in one country, per year. Beside it, they ask members to pay membership/tax to the church every month, and they ask people with business to give donations. For such purpose they make marketing for the church i.e. they help to homeless, etc. They use catholic sisters to make marketing for the church and they don’t let them even to have husband and kids. So, the Vatican bank and their profit is 0.0001% of the profit of catholic church worldwide. They have money several centuries and I believe they are the richest institution in this world, after them comes Rothschild banker’s family that funded wars and governments in many countries the last 200 years. If you speak about bourgeoisie revolutions, revolutions of bankers against kings, you speak about Rothschild family, if you speak about finances of British queen, you speak about Rothschild family, if you speak about exploitation of Africa and now if you speak about Macron, you speak about Rothschild family. Although Nazis speak against Rothschild, it is not an excuse to protect bankers that suck blood of workers and some of them suck blood of the whole countries and continents. If you exploit Africa, it doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or not, Africa is poor because of this family and consequently Europe get the waves of refugees, 2000 Africans come daily to the coast of Italy and there were 65,6 million refugees in 2016 in the whole world.

Francois Hollande and his socialist party lost and second election cycle in France, they will have less than 50 deputies, there are 577 places in the parliament. Voters punished Hollande and his sucking dick of the CIA, even voters don’t know that Hollande gave a job to spies to manufacture terrorism, to implement totalitarian state. Macron will get about 350 places, so, Rothschild will rule in France and of course, he will buy the whole France at privileged price 🙂

It is the same in Serbia with Ana Brnabic as the Prime Minister, she worked 9 years in USAID, now she will sell Serbia to American banks, at least some good companies for which they could be interested. As the PM, her work will be public and she will not be able to “communicate with the CIA” except maybe through some NGO people, but she can also officially meet American politicians and they can tell her what is the interest of American banks. Aleksandar Vučić officially met with McCain and even Petraeus and let them to create media in Serbia to change public opinion about Russia. They don’t need to communicate secretly, American politicians officially represent American bankers. They will not use Ana to get information about some military object, they will use her to buy or indept Serbia, to make profit for American billionaires that own banks. She got too high position to be just a snitch who gives information to the CIA, they will use her in different way. Vojislav Seselj said many times, Aleksandar got support from French, British, German and American spies to split Serbian Radical Party and become the government. Really, Aleksandar was always running to Germany before each elections.

Theresa May lost the elections because of the Internet freedom, and now she plans to attack such freedom, she wants to punish companies that let users to publish whatever they want. Young voters don’t read so much classic printed newspapers any more, they voted for Corbyn despite classic media are under control of the Government. YouTube automatically played Liar Liar, the anti-May anthem that reached number four in the UK pop charts last week.
The new crackdown on the Internet will be about regaining control. It’s about turning the CEOs of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google into the Rupert Murdochs of the 21st century, the political allies and mouthpieces of the British state and the capitalist class, and doing this by forging a new relationship that explicitly punishes them if they refuse to play ball.
The Open Rights Group has warned that “The government already has extensive surveillance powers. Conservative proposals for automated censorship of the internet would see decisions about what British citizens can see online being placed in the hands of computer algorithms, with judgments ultimately made by private companies rather than courts. Home Office plans to force companies to weaken the security of their communications products could put all of us at a greater risk of crime.” Those who are worried about extremism should be calling for an end to the British intelligence services’ collaboration and facilitation of terrorism. Theresa May’s new proposals do nothing to end the impunity of her own government in the grooming and facilitation of terrorism.

Considering my private situation, Lars Johan Findsen continue to misuse his spies to create murder or terrorism, together with the CIA and Finn Borch Andersen (PET).
On Saturday 17th June they sent students to sit around classroom I used, I left Cola to see what they will do, when I came back from the toilet I drank it and 2 hours later my testicles became 3 times smaller and after 5 hours I didn’t feel my penis when I went to the toilet again. But in the evening, everything was okay, and the next day my testicles got the normal size again. There were and Danish and possibly Lebanese students around, some of them put pills in my Cola.

Therefore on Sunday, I kept Cola with me even when I went to the toilet, they sent 2 groups of students to sit in the same classroom as me. They are around me to poison my food and drinks, despite of my warning to the Oversight of Intelligence already 2 years that Danish spies poison immigrants. Saturday and Sunday I had small problem with my heart and when I went to sleep I had pain in my head. Today, Monday, I have pain in my head again. Danish spies corrupted members of the Oversight to be able to steal money from the budget and to be able to poison immigrants without to be arrested for murder.

As we can see, the man in Serbia who sent threatening messages about Aleksandar Vučić died in the custody from heart problems, his heart stopped to work, even he was professional sport player and could run even 40km, in the prison he could not walk to the toilet how much they drugged him. Serbian spies and their doctors suck dick of the government and kill people and they stay unpunished. This case is important to me, because Serbian spies obviously used the same drugs Danish spies use against me, they produce heart attack or they stop your heart to work. I had also many time problem after taking food prepared by spies, I was tired to walk one floor on the stairs, but the doctor gave them one week and after blood test “everything was okay”. Danish and Serbian spies started to use the same type of poison.
The spokesperson of the parliament got today faces of all spies I recorded the last 2 days + some from the past, their registration plates, she can check who they are, for whom they work, to see who manufactures terrorism or murder in Denmark.

Here are screen-shots of spies from Monday 19th June and Sunday 18th June 2017. It is visible Finn and Findsen send 300 spies to take more money from the budget or simply to make salaries of spies higher. Everything is about profit.