Rasism in the name of profit again – Finn and Findsen misuse cops against immigrants, not against Danish sissy criminals

The last night, Finn and Findsen misused their fake Muslims to follow me, they have software in their phones and they know my location. Today is the same case, I made mistake I didn’t record their faces, I could record minimum 50 dick suckers who will sell their mother for money. Now I will start to record them, to publish their faces.

Today Finn and Findsen misuse the police and their snitches again. Patrol car in the morning, afternoon in Norrebro also and after that crowd of snitches, maybe 200 of them. Maybe they plan to arrest me and therefore they hurry up to make their salaries higher, they used today 50 fake Muslims + 200 Danish snitches, the point is that all people in the chain must profit from manufacturing terrorism, not only Lockheed Martin and Rasmussen i.e. Claus. Low lever spies get higher salaries by manufacturing a job for them, if they follow you around midnight they get extra paid, maybe 250 dkk per hour. Rasmussen and Claus take money from Lockheed Martin, possibly and Finn and Findsen, low level spies get more money from Danish budget.

In any case, all deviant spies who participate in manufacturing insecurity and totalitarian state must profit. The rest are details, how they will do it.

Considering PET and FE-DDIS don’t misuse the cops against sissy Danish criminals when they shoot each others, for example Bandidos and Pussy Angels had the war and spies didn’t use cops against them, there is no justification of misusing cops against immigrants. They don’t have the proof that I will shoot the Prime Minister, they think I will shoot sissy angels and Maersk, therefore, they misuse the cops to arrest me. The cops are around me to suck dick of Finn and Findsen and eventually to get money from Maersk if they imprison me, Finn and Findsen also misuse cops to kiss Ane Maersk Uggla in the ass with the aim to profit from her.