Public clarification about girls misused by the PET agents and information about G4S

This Wednesday morning, Lars Johan Findsen sent only 2 moto snitches in Frederiksberg, one had reg plate BK 81200, they can pretend they are just some people who use moto to go to the job in the morning, but they are snitches, they have snitch faces and they hide their faces with sunglasses and similar.

The last evening, when I wanted to take out my bag from the locker, I had what to see, it was unlocked, somebody used universal number to open my locker. I locked it with number 6676, I write it in my phone in the case I forget the number. They did something with my bag or they lef tit that somebody steal it, I have inside my sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

They brought the last evening and blond girl, pretending she is the one from Rosenorns Alle, it was dark to see her face 100% and she turned on the side. Let’s stop their making confusion for politicians, they have intention to cheat politicians and to tell them I made mistake. They sell the story to politicians, to hide what they do.

Here it is shortly: the brown hair bitch from HC Ørsteds Vej 23 is working for the PET and she was also together with young supporters of pussy angels, she told to criminals and to the PET agents who is woman I like. They told her to show them that I am poor, that’s the first thing they do to turn women against immigrants, if that’s not working, they do more.

So, the first girl from Rosenorns Alle 43B, 1tv, was in Niels Brock School, she has little dark skin, not totally white, she has two sisters and parents are small, not so high, and she is not so high, brown hair, always fancy cloths. Her mother is also not totally white. I suppose her parents work at the university. Now she is not living in the same street any more, but she is coming sometimes, possibly she had sex with Sebastien from France who was in the same flat. The last 2-3 times I saw this dark skin girl No1, she was together with silikon bitch (plastic surgery lunatic) who is obviously working for pussy angels.

The second girl (No2) is blond, higher and possibly living in Rosenorns Alle 45. She has totally white skin and she bought Peugeot, PET agents fucked her together with pussy angels, and gave her money to do shit to me i.e. to buy a car. She studied CBS and work as a prostitute for jet set, she is not prostitute on the street than in hotels. Although and girl No1 can be the same case. As I said long time ago, PET agents destroy the life of Danish girls who like immigrants. For example, they can use pussy angels to involve girls into prostitution or porn movies that are not illegal. I suppose for that reason they use plastic surgery lunatic (silicon bitch) to be whole day every day with the girl No1 and the blond girl No2 was also involved in jet set prostitution, maybe she is still involved, maybe not.

The third blond bitch is also high but also big, not only high, she is studying CBS, she is possibly working for the security and PET, she is the one that kissed with criminals in front of me on Amager beach i.e. her job was concretely to produce conflict between me and criminals, Enhedslisten members came to the beach to stop them, so, Pernille Skipper knows very well who is this girl and what was her job. Pussy criminals participated, it means, they also did the job for PET agents, to produce conflict between me and them on the basis of women.

There is one more that is fucked by pussy angels when they got information that I could be interested for her, but she was not used against me by the PET agents, she is just fucked by pussy angels and they brought her one time beside Istedgade 100, there is pizzeria in Istedgade 102, to see that I visit places for homeless. She was living in the past near to the amager beach (Øresundsvej 126A). Pussy angels had a job to convince her that she should not have relationship with immigrants. As I said, PET agents believe that women will refuse immigrants if we are poor, therefore, that’s the first information they give to the girls.

So much about PET agents and their making confusion for politicians. Possibly and Ane Maersk is also mixed, one of higher manager of Coop is living in the last floor of Rosenorns Alle 43. They had plenty of people involved in making propaganda against me, turning girls against me, using them to produce conflict between me and criminals. PET agents misused neighbors for racist activities too.

I found who owns G4S, rich peopel hide behind banks, investment companies, etc, but the same people who own american military and prison industry, they own G4S: Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Kellog, and similar. They own Lockheed Martin through the Vanguard Group and BlackRock, and the same companies are the main shareholders in G4S. They profit from the war, insecurity, terrorism and from imprisoning people too. They demand harder punishments for criminals. By the way, G4S shares value dropped 5% in August 2017, they made bigger profit in the US, but smaller in Asia, overall they had worse business than in the past. In the UK, the head of two G4S-run detention centres has been placed on administrative leave after a series of scandals, the Guardian has learned. Ben Saunders is placed on leave from his role in charge of Brook House and Tinsley House immigration removal centres (IRCs) after an undercover Panorama exposed abuse of detainees there.

Major shareholdings notified to the company are:

Invesco Ltd, 202,498,965 ordinary shares (13.05%) notified on 18 September 2017
Blackrock, Inc, 93,462,222 ordinary shares (6.02%) notified on 6 September 2017
Mondrian Investment Partners Limited 78,613,679 (5.07%) notified on 24 July 2015
Harris Associates L.P., 79,355,377 ordinary shares (5.11%) notified on 18 September 2017
Vanguard International 17,490,678 shares, Vanguard Tax Managed Fund 6,973,793
Oakmark International Fund 95,612,000 shares, Oakmark is mostly owned by Swiss banks and German car industry like BMW

G4S may make more profit than allowed from removal centres, figures suggest
The security firm G4S appears to have been making more profit than its contract allows from the immigration removal centres (IRCs) it runs for the government, according to an internal document seen by the Guardian.
According to an outline of G4S’s financial performance at the two IRCs it ran in 2016, the company’s margin on its trading profit at Brook House was 20.7%. At Tinsley House, its other IRC, the margin was 41.5%, though that figure may be distorted by the fact that Tinsley House was closed for part of the year.
The exact profit margin G4S is contractually allowed to make is not published by the Home Office or the company, but under the original contract, drawn up in 2009 and also seen by the Guardian, the agreed initial limit to the profit margin was 6.8%.