Protest in Belgrade, January 16th and 19th, 2019

On 16th January we had protest, 20-30 000 people in Belgrade, in the sign of demands to catch killers of Oliver Ivanović and in the sign of remembering him. He was target of Serbian regime media and later killed with 6 bullets in Kosovo and already 1 year opposition demands from the Gov to answer who killed him. I believe he was killed to shut down Serbian resistance to inclusion of Serbs in Albanian institutions in Kosovo, there are Serbs who will include themselves in Albanian institutions, to say that Kosovo is democratic and Serbs are not discriminated and killed. It means Serbian president and secret service are behind killing of Oliver, maybe together with Albanian politicians and spies. Both sides wanted him dead. Serbian opposition and Serbian church, the same as me, believe that Serbian president sold Kosovo for money he took from France, Britain, USA. Killing of Oliver is just a step in destroying resistance of Serbs in Kosovo, resistance to accept Kosovo as an independent state and resistance to inclusion of Serbs in Albanian institutions.

Beside protest on 16th January, we had and protest on 19th January, regular protest against Serbian president every Saturday, and this time about 30-40 000 people walked on the streets of Belgrade, plus 15 more cities. Protest is becoming bigger and wider, all over Serbia. Professors of Philosophy supported protesters and today also professors of Political Science, they say that regime/president shows signs of dictatorship and violence against opposition, the media are also under control, so, they decided to support protesters. Boško Obradović from Dveri also protested with his party in front of TV Pink which gets money from Serbian president from the state budget, 3 million Eur, and TV supports the president, then he protested beside regulation board for the media, and then he came to the main protest. We protested from 6pm to 8pm, representatoves of demonstrations tried to speak with people from the state owned TV (RTS), but RTS director was not interested to do it, he popularize the president and opposition can’t get their time on TV news and other program. In any case, protest was very good, with very good music, sold president will fall down soon. I recorded some parts of protest.