Obama continue to make revenge against Russia because of Syria i.e. the pipeline

Obama continue to make revenge against Russia because of Syria. American colonist idea, about separation of Syria and making a pipeline from Qatar to Europe, failed. Obama ordered to more than 30 Russian to leave America “because of spying activities and hacking elections”. Obama is using “technique” from the time of Cold War: making paranoia about Russia to justify hostile (colonial) activities against Russia.

Yesterday and today, Danish Nazi gays, Finn Andersen (PET) and Thomas Ahrenkiel (FE-DDIS), sent their spies to provoke me. Thomas sent his spies yesterday and Finn today. Both are selling their ass to Americans, they didn’t send spies because of Denmark then because they are corrupted by the CIA and they serve American interests. Finn and Thomas continue to manufacture terrrorism for the bill of CIA (profit from the sale of military equipment/vehicles). Shame, they should be arrested fro corruption and treason, they must use online-banking to access their secret bank accounts in Monaco, Lu, CH, so, it is not really impossible to catch heads of secret services for corruoption and treason, it is enough to spy computer activities of Thomas and Finn, then they can be arrested.