Nazi spies that protect Danish PM should be thankful to the PET cops and the CIA monkeys (South Koreans), for destroying security of Lars Lokke Rasmussen

The last one week Danish Nazi deviant spies followed me all the time, every meter, South Koreans also, yesterday, the CIA monkeys brought and Indians. It means, to bring so many of them, they brought all Koreans who are living in Copenhagen. The cops followed me after PET Nazis are removed (South Koreans came instead of Danish Nazis), the cops irritated me about 3-4 days all the time. Pigs positioned their snitches every day, every meter, especially around Frederiksberg shopping mall (one day it happened that true beggars come around shopping mall, all other days, Nazi cops sent their spies to pretend that they are poor). The PET Nazi agents used the whole week many teen girls, some even with open legs in the shopping mall when I was passing. The PET snitch worker (betjente) at the CBS also provoked me with harassment, and he locked classrooms 3 days, to prevent that I take bottles.
The point was to push me to attack one deputy, just instead of the PET Nazi agents, I was harassed by their cops and South Koreans.

Therefore, yesterday I jumped to Nyhavn, to record again racist deviant spies that “protect” Prime Minister. I recorded this one very well, on the photo, he can be thankful to South Korean and cops for that, as well as to betjente/worker at the CBS who locked classrooms 3 days and prevented me to take bottles i.e. they push me to stay without money and do something criminal.
If they keep immigrants without money, it is clear, they don’t want that we go out from Denmark, without money for a ticket and living expenses or a job in another country, nobody travels anywhere. I don’t plan to go, I just say, what stupid racist excuses they have (kicking immigrants out), to justify racism, criminality (attack on the deputy or some girl) and production of terrorism (taking/hijacking one car from any woman and drive it against the people in the walking street). The CIA made it in France and Germany, with the help of spies there, they repeat the same thing in Denmark, they produce terrorist attacks.
Friday evening, sissy angels again sent their moron to collect bottle at the CBS. The PET and FE-DDIS agents also sent Nazi skinheads to follow me.
This Saturday morning, Danish military spies came to the nature and Valby with bikes.

So, here are people who will push me to go again to record spies in Nyhavn, i.e. they will destroy protection of the Prime Minister: South Koreans, racist Danish PET/FE-DDIS/cops/betjente/criminals at the CBS and anywhere in the city, especially police pigs in the Black Pot who come to overcrowd the place the same as they did to Stengade 40 in the past, they take resources allocated to the poor immigrants, if I have a gun, they would be dead, I hate pigs who hunt poor immigrants and take money from rich domestic criminals. Dirty Pernille Skipper still lets PET agents like Flemming Drejer to misuse cops against poor Roma from Romania. Even Albanian who works for the police beside Synagogue (Krystalgade) is coming to the Black Pot, of course he gets money from the police and he can pay a home and food for himself, he comes to overcrowd the place and keep immigrants without help. This Synagogue was attacked by Omar el-Hussein and now racist pigs “protect” Jews. Racist pigs made Omar hot to shoot Jews. When they finish shift in Krystalgade, they come to spy Roma from Romania and to overcrowd places for immigrants like Black Pot, he is not the only one, 20 people are sent by Nazi cops who work for Flemming Drejer. Workers and volunteers in the Black pot are also infiltrated, they are part of Nazi politics against the poor immigrants. They still poison immigrants and they forbid to Danish women to have sex or a relationship with immigrants, they continue with Nazi politics about clean race. Domkirke (Vor Frue Kirke) and manager are responsible for organizing deviant Nazi spying of immigrants, it is one more proof that western churches are still part of colonial politics against immigrants, they offer food in order to spy and poison immigrants. But they forgot that money from the budget is from all people who paid taxes, even Muslims and Serbs who have a job or their own business, money from the budget is not only from the Danish People Party or from the PET Nazis. Many Serbs also pay taxes in Denmark and in that way they finance help to immigrants. This money is misused by the churches to make a business from the poverty that is produced by racism in the labor market. Religious people like to say, where is the god, there is a devil, well, Danish churches are full of Nazi devils who are hungry for more money and therefore, they collaborate with Nazi spies against immigrants. They even help to spies to overcrowd places, then true poor people stay without help and go to steal. Considering poor people can eventually steal vodka or bread or piece of meat, they will not get 20 years of prison for that, this spying against poor people is made just for statistics and propaganda purposes. It is more important to them to overcrowd places for immigrants, to keep immigrants on the street during winter in Scandinavia: to kill them.

Therefore, more spies in Nyhavn will be recorded, deputies can be attacked, we will see, how much they will irritate me.

Bitches can relocate from Rosenorns Alle, but I don’t care, anyone connected with them, even neighbours, will get shit instead of them, if they like to hide behind neighbours, their choice. Feb. 14, St. Valentine, I sent a gift/present to the Nazi bitches. The next day, I saw anti-racists damaging a car around Rosenorns Alle. Of course, I didn’t see their faces. Many people drive cars and they are part of Nazi politics against immigrants, for the sake of money they get from the Danish Nazi secret service. Nazi money gives them possibility to buy a Nazi car, Jews should destroy cars of collaborators of Gestapo before 70 years, anti-racists must do it today. Nazis and their collaborators are Nazis because of profit, victims of the Nazis should destroy that profit. Something similar to confiscation of property of criminals, they are criminals because of money, if they lose property, they did criminal activity in vain, for nothing. It is the same with the Nazis, they are Nazis because of profit, logically, they should watch with their eyes losing of that profit, before they die.

Here are photos and videos of some spies from this week.