Nazi spies do everything that I stay in Denmark and make an attack, they misuse teen girls again

Danish Nazi spies are afraid I will go out of Denmark, they follow me every meter, even in the CBS building, and they continue to provoke me with mopeds today and the last evening.

One more time, it is visible they will do everything that I stay in Denmark and they will provoke me to attack people.

Yesterday they brought kids of Nazi parents 2 times, one time in the shopping mall and the second time 4 hours later, the same kids, it means they waited 4 hours that I go out from the CBS, in order that Nazi parents get money from Flemming Drejer. The point is to make propaganda against immigrants, to scare children about immigrants, that’s how they develop racism.
For those who don’t know, before one year they even set up 12 years old girls with opened legs when I come with my bike, many times. It is done by the same Nazi PET agents that are publicly accused by Morten Storm that they paid sex with 13 years old teen prostitutes when they visited Asia and Lisbon. So, the PET Nazis are not pedos in Denmark, but they are pedos when they visit other countries. Such retards spread racism against immigrants and Serbian spies collaborate with them against our citizens.

But the most important thing today and yesterday is that they do everything that I stay in Denmark and that I attack people. In any case, even if I go out, my revenge is not finished, it will be done in the future, my requirements to go out from DK and give up from my revenge are not fulfilled.