Nazi spies continue with provocations

December 24th, Danish Nazi spies sent their rat to disturb me in the toilet in hospital. In the evening, after the x-mass dinner, Nazi spies sent their fake Muslims and sissy criminals to follow me. I made mistake I didn’t attack sissy criminals, if they arrest me, Finn Andersen must lose his job because of my attack. He still uses sissies to provoke me to attack people in Denmark. They show me that spies and their criminals fuck women I liked. Very good basis for me to attack and that Finn loses his job, but 20 agents should lose their jobs, not only Finn. Jens Madsen lost his job because PET Nazi agents harassed Omar el-Hussein, Nazis continue the same as before, they don’t give a shit for Jens Madsen.

This morning 25th, they sent about 5 rats with bikes in the nature, therefore, I passed beside PM home and showed middle finger to the racist spies who sit in cars with dark glasses.

Thomas Ahenkiel sent many months his spies with motorcycles to pretend they are hells angels, Thomas should lose his job together with Finn. Thomas kiss Robert and Anne Uggla in the ass, beside the CIA. It is good for society that Thomas and Finn lose their jobs, Denmark is full of corruption and that’s good for the CIA and Maersk, it is not good for ordinary Danes. It is not good even for Jews who got shot by Omar that was made hot by Nazi spies to shoot Jews. Spies infiltrated life of Omar and made him hot to shoot Jews. Jews are rich, Simon Wiesenthal Center should use media owned by Jews to publish information that Denmark is a Nazi country, the country in which Jews can’t walk free on the streets. Nazi spies get Nazi orgasm when Jews need machine gun protection to go out on the street or to visit their Synagogue.