Nazi gays Finn and Thomas continue to use gay criminals against immigrants

Monday evening I was followed by homosexual criminals, Sissy Angels and their Serbian suppliers. Of course, corrupted cops didn’t use it to spy their conversations and arrest them when they transport drugs in the future.

This morning homosexuals spies were sent by Thomas Ahrenkiel to the house I sleep to wake me up, they spent 20 minutes beside the house despite of bad weather. I recorded them. At the CBS again, they sent their students to the toilet, to irritate me, therefore, I sent an email to the man who made caricature for the Guardian that Rasmussen/Denmark is a Nazi, it is the same email I sent to deputies on Friday.

Then again, sissy angels sent their masked man on bikes and therefore I sent the registration plate of the criminal that followed me last days to the prosecutor, with the note it is one of the pigs who work for the PET and they supply sissy angels with drugs. Serbs will get arrested because they work for foreign spies against our citizens, they mix themselves in politics instead to care about business, I will fuck them up, the same as they fucked my life since 2009, I lost 7 years because of them and I got danish cops on my neck million times thanx to sissy angels and Serbian criminals. I suggested to the prosecutor to bring village cops from Sweden, to arrest Serbs in Copenhagen, because Danish drug cops are corrupt, but I don’t think they have a legal basis for such thing. Village cops are not corrupted, especially if they come from Sweden to Denmark. But Minister of Justice must give such law to the parliament to adopt it, then, cops from Denmark can be used to arrest criminals in Gothenburg and cops from a Swedish village can be used to arrest criminals in Copenhagen. That’s the only way to avoid corrupted cops.

As I said in the past, the cops are driving cars in the same minute in the same street many months, criminals know when they will come. The PET is the main reason (and the connection between) the cops and criminals make money from drugs together. The cops didn’t touch criminals that work for the PET and female group of sissy angels that work for the PET. PET agents are the main reason, beside corrupted cops, that Denmark is full with drugs.

They destroy my life together, I will destroy their life. Of course, all of that is a schema of spies, to set me up problems with criminals, but even if I don’t do anything, they will set me up criminals, so, at least I will do something to fuck them up because of their mixing in Nazi politics against immigrants. If something happens to me, it is the result of work of Finn B. Andersen and Thomas Ahrenkiel and they will lose their jobs. That’s the only reason they didn’t use criminals to kill me, all politicians will know who is behind it. These days I will continue to find people like Steve Bell, who draw caricatures about Denmark as a Nazi country, to inform them about castration of immigrants by Danish Nazi state departments.