Nazi gang is gone today, Nazi spies use Hells Angels against Black Army, against “not original” Danes

Some Nazis are missing today … who is guilty, he is first on the run, to escape. The CIA Nazi prostitutes (South Koreans), Nazi spies of Finn Andersen and Thomas Ahrenkiel and their Nazi criminals (sissy angels and Serbs). All of them disappeared today.

They are together the Nazi gang and they got the information and escaped. Possibly they got information from the Nazi corrupted cops.

Nazi PET agents still use Nazi criminals, sissy angels, to attack Danish people of color, the last night sissy angels used hand grenade against the club of Black Army in Herning. Sissy angels are Nazi gang and Black Army is criminal gang mostly consisted by Danish citizens born in immigrant families, therefore, they are not accepted as “original” Danes and they are the target of Nazi PET agents. They are discriminated already in the school and they are excluded from any chance to get a high school degree. They don’t have any chance to get a job in Denmark or they can get only shitty jobs, of course, leaders are always from privileged families that work for the PET, Blaagaards Gang is the best example. Therefore, because of racism, some of them decide to be criminals, and they are target of Nazi PET agents and their criminals. I would not be surprised if many “not original” Danish criminals discover they are sterilized while in the prison, in fact they can see they can’t have children, but they don’t know they are sterilized. PET agents and their Nazi criminals target those who are not “original” Danes. Of course, the cops are the part of Nazi politics and even they observe club houses of criminals 24/7, they didn’t arrest the man who threw the grenade. Gold members don’t have the balls to do it, they found some young man to do it. Usually young men get arrested after some period, young criminals don’t have money to pay cops as gold members do it. Old sissy criminals collaborate with corrupted cops and sell young criminals, drug business continue and it looks like that cops do their job, but they never arrest gold members who give them money. The cops and gold members and Serbian criminals are connected through PET agents, female part of sissy angels are also working for the PET and can transfer money from drugs to the PET agents. The cops never arrested female part of sissy angels.

On the one side, Nazi criminals destroy competition with the help of Nazi spies who also misuse the cops against the people of color, on the other side, disorder and insecurity help to the PET agents to implement militarization of society and the totalitarian system. Gang war and shooting a prison guard is all done by PET criminals, their activities are part of the PET strategy. Nazi spies also help to Rasmussen to get the consent of society for his politics, to get the excuse to order military equipment from the CIA (American defense contractors), worth $7B USD, some people say it will be even 14B. Well, if they sell 27 fighter jets (F-35A Lighting II) and military vehicles for 7B, they profit at least 4B, it means Rasmussen will get 50M in some secret bank account in Monaco and his party will get 50M. If the sale of weapons gets approval from all parties in the Danish parliament, each party will get 5M, as it was the case with Goldman Sachs and Dong Energy, all parties were corrupted, not only the ruling party. That’s why it is forbidden to open that deal for investigation. Somebody speaks about it, PET agents start media propaganda to kick him/her out from politics.

It is visible that Danish state departments are the main protector of criminals, because of corruption and because of Nazi politics of spies against immigrants (newcomers) and against the Danish people of color (Danish citizens born in immigrant families).